new track times part 2!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95GTstang3o2, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. WELL MY PREVIOUS BEST WAS A [email protected]e then i have added 3:73's longtubes and pullies here are my new times,I expected more but my 60's were bad and the track wasn't prepped all that great as my 60's got worse as teh night went along.

    r/t .541
    60' 2.16
    330 5.995
    1/8 [email protected]
    1000 11.73
    1/4 [email protected]
  2. Nice times! That's a nice R/T too. Gte that 60' ino the 1.9's and you'll have a solid mid 13 second car.
  3. Traps seem about right, good times.
  4. Not bad at all. You just need traction to see 13.5s or better.
  5. Puts you at #17 on the User 1/4 Mile Times stickied up top the boards.

    Hmm...maybe I should break it out as N/A stock heads, N/A H/C/I.
  6. Thanks guys,I am planning on a major traction upgrade real soon,A friend of mine works at a local tire kingdom and can get NItto DR's at cost which is about 120 a piece for 275/40/17's,I also plan on a lower control arm upgrade which should really help also.I should have that done by november.Then I plan to save till about march,I will then be porting my lower,I already have a steeda 19 cam in the box,A set of 1.6's new timing chain,24lbers and a recalibrated maf.I picked up the 24lbers from my buddy for 100 bucks brand new cause he decided to go with 30lb,so that was a good deal.
    As for other things,traction was decent at the beginning of the night,then they shut it down for clean up and pulled all the rubber off the track making it no fun at all to stick,plus it was in the mid 60's so that was another factor.My plan is to get as fast as possible with the stock E7's till i can save about 1600 for either a set of AFR 185's or a set of TW stage 2 port job,but that is far off.
  7. Nice I am hoping to drop a few tenths with my 3.73's.
  8. I drop .3 with everithing in sign except MAC LTs and 255lph fuel pump :shrug:
  9. Seth is King of bringing old thread back to life.
  10. That's what I just said in another post... at least he knows how to use the search function.
  11. when I find something interesting for me , man I can't live without my post :shrug: