New Trans For A 65 Mustang

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  1. Would like to keep it automatic, but I'll probably be putting 500-600 hp at the crank when this build is done. Would my C4 trans be able to keep up after a rebuild? Or should I move up to a C6? Recommendations welcome!
  2. a properly built C4 can handle the power you intend to make. but it wont be just a "rebuild". you are going to have to upgrade the clutches, as well as the bands, and depending on the materials used, some of the internal rotating parts as well. also you are going to have to upgrade the valve body, the input shaft, etc.

    by the way, you will have to do many of the same upgrade with the C6 as well.
  3. I once worked with a guy who ran an Aamco trans shop. He had a Factory 5 Cobra which he ran 9s with at Rocky Mountain Raceways in SL. It was a 5.0 with a paxton setup. He chose to run the C4 trans. Seemed to work fine for him.
  4. The C6 also takes about 50ish or so horse power just to turn the thing. Super heavy too.
  5. The AOD is an option that has overdrive.
  6. I'm trying to find a performance rebuild kit for a 65 C4. I guess in 66 they redesigned it so the bell housing bolts to the case, not the pump. I don't know if that changes anything internally.
  7. I would go with an AOD
  8. Yeah but I don't want to spend 2500 dollars unless I have to. That's why I'm hoping someone has a good lead on a performance rebuild kit for a 65 c4.
  9. This answer is spot on!
  10. You can get good used Aod's for cheap.
  11. it will still need upgrading though.
  12. After talking with Performance Automatic, they don't have a rebuild kit that will handle that power for a pre 1970 c4. Looks like I got to buy a new trans anyhow. I'll look into those AODs. Thanks.
  13. be sure to upgrade the input shafts on an AOD, the stock ones snap quite easily when the power level starts reaching beyond 350hp. also with the AOD, NEVER do full throttle up shifts into O/D as you will burn out the O/D band.
  14. Yeah, I think I'm going to just rebuild the C4 I have now until I can afford the supercharger, then I'll get a new trans when I push over 550 hp