New Trickflow Heads

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  1. just wondering did anybody hear any more on the new trickflow 11r heads.a release date maybe....
  2. I was told mid September....

    Ti retainer version is around $1020/each going of memory. If I van help you with a set let me know...

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  3. im curious to see what kinda power you can make with them over something like a raised runner 20* head
  4. are these street/strip or a straight up racing head?
  5. None of the info I have seen has mentioned emissions legality... I just tried trick flow but I forgot they shut down the phones for lunch 12-1pm

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  6. Yeah I haven't seen any numbers and heard any solid info yet. At $2000 a pair they'd have to be awesome for me to go that route over the new AFR 195...totally bad ass

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  7. ok, let me rephrase. Is this a suitable head for a street driven stroker or is it best left for the devoted track cars?
  8. Be just fine...I've been told they will fit a standard TFS notch piston and based on this angles I believe will add even more PTV so a inline notch should still work just fine also.

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  9. honestly for that kind of money id start looking towards canted valve heads. i saw a set of new edlebrock Sc-1's with a sheet metal intake with 2 foggers on it and 2 1050 QFX carbs for 5000... hell you can find C3's pretty damn cheap also these days
  10. have they released any flow #'s on them yet.
  11. Not that I have seen...

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  12. well i was looking at them on summits website,they look bad you guys think it would be a big improvement over the edelbrock performer rpm heads i have on my 351w now.i was kinda leaning toward the 56cc chamber heads to up my already low compression. (dish pistons)
  13. Personally anything would be better then the Rpm heads you have now...the AFR 195 is a bad head as well and they are a tad cheaper. I'm excited about these TFS offerings been a long time since something truly new was brought out for the small block ford

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