~New True Forged "Sleeper's" Are Here~

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  1. I have been working with True Forged Wheels on a new design for a while now and I was finally able to have them built. :banana:

    A new design for True Forged! "The Sleeper" :D (Named after the designer :cool:)

    These are 2 piece wheels. 18 X 10 Rear and 18 X 9 Front. Brushed centers with bolts.

    I was only able to get the rear tires put on today so hopefully I can have the fronts done tommorow and get them on the car.

    Let me know what you think.








    And the Fronts.



    I am EXTREMELY Pleased with how they turned out. A big thanks to Steve @ True Forged for working with me on this to make it happen!!! :cheers:

    I can't wait to get them on the car and get some good pics. :rock:

    Stay Tuned.....:popcorn:
  2. Wow...... :drool::drool::drool:

    Those are flippin' awesome man.....
  3. Those are a work of art, literally and figuratively
  4. Looks awesome :nice: Can't wait to see pictures of them on the car
  5. they are beautiful!!!

    are they custom made or sumthin?
  6. holy effin hell thats awesome.
  7. Those are pimp...I bet those are pretty expensive.
  8. Thoes are killer Kevin! I thought you just got wheels almost identical to them though. :scratch:
  9. Thanks. :cheers:


    Hopefully I can get them on today.

    Thanks. Yes they are custom made and I helped design them.


    Thanks. Yeah they were , but WELL worth it! :nice:
  10. I had some similar, but I was working on these with TF at the time and knew I would be switching over to them. (Plus they have a really cool name! :p)
  11. The good stuff always is and totally worth it. I see so many Cobras on SVTPerf with true forged and they all look bad ass.

    Def get some pics of them on your car, pronto.
  12. how much does somthing like that cost to do?
  13. Will do! :nice:

    These were $2900 for the set with the options I choose. Some cost more some less depending on options.

  14. :jaw: :eek:DAMN!:eek: :jaw:

  15. No doubt. Kick ass mang. The ones that you just had I would sell my father for :p

    Oh, just found one picture. You took down the rest. For some reason I thought you had the version they have that is similar tothe ones you had made.

    Just out of curiosity, besides the finnish are then any other differences from these? True Forged Wheels custom billet

    At any rate the new wheels you have are the exact wheel I want and in the same finnish. One day I may be able to afford to copy that but not now. They are just absolutly sick mang! :cheers: Hows the weight?
  16. Let me be the first to welcome you to the forged wheel club. They look amazing, and I cant wait to see em on your car. Glad people still are able to step their wheel game up in these tough times:D
  17. That's pretty good, actually. The wheels on my car are supposed to cost $2920 and they aren't user custom either.
  18. this is his 3rd set of true forged wheels btw

    i have been following the thread on svtp and it looks awesome...glad you were able to work with steve to get a custom set made
  19. nice lookin wheels man!
  20. Thanks Bill. They are not the same as the Mach 5's. The spokes are thicker.

    They weight around 24 lbs each.

    This is my 3rd set of them as mentioned below. Thanks. :cheers:

    Yeah, seeing as these are made in the same factory as IForged and Boze Forged and they sell for much more!

    Correct. Thanks man.


    Here are a few more pics after I got them on the car.