~New True Forged Wheels Are Here~

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  1. Well, now everyone knows what is next for my car! :banana:

    2 Piece Polished Victory's. 18 X 9 and 18 X 10. (No Bolts)

    I just got them mounted and didn't get a chance to get them on the car yet but I figured I would share with a few quick pics. :cool:

    Front Wheel. 18 X 9.

    Rear Wheel 18 X 10.


    Fronts are mounted up with 265-35-18 Goodyear GS-D3's.


    Rears are mounted up with 295-35-18 Goodyear GS-D3's.

    Let me know what you think.

    I will mount them up on the car tomorrow and try to get some pics this weekend.
  2. i just jizzed in my pants.
  3. what! but i like the other ones just a wee bit better!
  4. Yep, those are gonna look sick.
  5. I saw those on SVTP, pretty expensive. I like your old ones.
  6. [email protected] I hate u Kevin!!!! :D

    JK, those are [email protected]$$... Although I loved your Chicane RS's, I like these just as much. I think they look alot better without the assembly bolts as well....
  7. Thoes are really nice mang!
    :rlaugh: @ "No bolts"
  8. So whats the difference? Look pretty similar if I recall correctly. Just had too much money burning a hole in your pocket eh? :D Either way they look GREAT....im telling you, your camera makes everything look BETTER than it does in real life!
  9. Very different... Less spokes, & no assembly bolts. I love the new wheels, but the old 1's are still my favorite...


  10. Yea they look the same....both are shiny and have 5 bolt holes :nice: :D
  11. You will hate yourself for buying polished.
  12. can i come work with you? lol

    waiting for pix :popcorn:
  13. :lol:i was thinking the same. they are NICE looking but personally i couldnt see spending that much on TWO sets of rims.
  14. LOL. Thanks dustin. :nice: I actually like both wheels about the same, I just wanted a change.

    :shrug: Trying to see what is funny.

    No. I actually wasn't even really thinking about selling my wheels because I liked them. It just kind of happened. Trust me, they look even better in person. :nice:

    You realize you contradicted yourself. LOL... I like them both to be honest with you.

    Why would you say that? :shrug: I already had polished ones on there for over a year and a half had no problems before.

    LOL.... :cheers:

    The old ones basically paid for the new ones so it wasn't an issue.
  15. Awesome man. The new wheels look sweet :drool: and are going to look awesome on your car :drool::drool:
  16. I also have polished rims for 3 to 4 years now and they are still in great condition:shrug:
  17. I was about to say, whats the need for 2 sets of T.F. wheels :rlaugh: but from the sounds of it you sold the old ones.....I like the new ones, cant wait to see them on the car :hail2:
  18. I say that because a polished finish is very high maintenance.

    Cant wait to see em on the car. Its kinda funny cause I have had a bunch of people try to buy my wheels, and was thinking about buying a new set of Forgelines for my ride.:rolleyes: