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  1. Well, it's been a few months so it was time again to change wheels. LOL....

    I wanted to try a few different sets of wheels, but I have always liked the first set of Fully Polished Chicanes I had. So I ended up with another set! :banana:

    Of course I took some new pictures to share. Let me know what you think.














  2. :drool: :drool: :drool: i absolutely love seeing any pictures of your car! Those wheels look amazing. I wish my ride could look half as good as that but unfortunately i daily drive mine and dont have time to keep it looking like that. Again love the wheels and love the [email protected]
  3. your car needs a wax.

    seriously tho. wow dude - gorgeous :drool:
  4. So you went from the wheels you had designed for you by TF to buying another set of your first set of wheels?
    What's the deal, man? Commitment problems?
  5. all your wheels have looked great...lol so what wheels are you going to get for october?:D:p
  6. Thanks guys!

    LOL. I liked them better on paper then on the car, so I switched back to what I thought looked better to me.
  7. Car looks amazing as always! Can you foward me onto where you got the lower grill mesh etc? Someone had told me but I forget where now haha
  8. Car looks amazing. Are the rears 10.5" wide, if so what size tire are you running back there?
  9. You could have just reposted old pics.....
  10. straight sex
  11. I actually bought that grill from LDC Chicago. They have since gone out of business but it is something that can easily be made at Home Depot.

    The rears are 10's with 295-35-18's.

    Actually these are different than the first set. The fisrt set were the RS version. They are similar, but not the same. I kind of like these even better than the first set. The fronts also have a different backspacing set up than the old ones.

    Thanks. :nice:

  12. I was referring to you finding a new location to take some pics y0
  13. I hear you. It is just very close to my house and not crowded.
  14. Yesssssss! I loved those wheels dude:nice: I like the other ones too, but these are the cats ass!
  15. WOW... Again. :D Now I know my opinion doesn't mean squat, & it shouldn't, but I still think you should've kept the original Chicane RS's. They are discontinued now right? I have never cared much for the design of these new Chicane's. The shape of the spokes don't look as good, & I dont like the pointy shape that starts in the center parallel to the lug holes... The original's had less spokes, & they weren't as curved & the design was much "cleaner" IMO. Don't get we wrong, they don't look bad, & your car can make any wheels look good, but I think all of the other wheels looked better than these ESPECIALLY the original Chicane RS's, which were my all time favorite.... Sorry Kevin, not trying to be negative, just being honest....

    See the difference?



  16. Trust me Dustin, I know every detail about each wheel and the differences. :nice:

    The reason True Forged does not carry the RS version any more is because IForged has the same design with their "Seneka" wheel. IForged, Boze Forged, ZE Forged and True Forged are all made at the same factory in CA.

    IForged has more pull than anyone there because they sell the most wheels. When True Forged made the RS Chicanes, IForged started crying so the factory told TF, no more. It had nothing to do with them being discontinued. Steve just tells people that because it is easier to explain it that way.

    I too used to like the RS version better but until I got these, I actually like these better. It's all very close anyway, but I still like these better. The others were too plain IMO. I guess that's why I sold them. :shrug:

    I also got the fronts in a different backspacing and offset than my old wheels so I like these better for that as well.

    Hope that helps explain my side of the story. If you owned all the sets I have you may feel different as well.
  17. I know you know the differences Kevin, you are the TF king:hail2: I was just showing to the other folks on here the differences because they were probably gonna say that Im crazy & that there is no difference... Well as long as you are happy, that is all that matters... Your car still looks great & I am sure I will get used to seeing these...:flag:
  18. OK. Got you! LOL... Yeah, most won't notice the differences.

    I am very happy with them. :nice: