New Turbo mufflers.

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  1. Seems like you'd wanna avoid speed bumps :D

  2. +1
  3. i read that site everyday. i couldn't stop laughing at some of them. too funny!
  4. I'll take two please.
  5. looks like alot of effort went into it...
  6. That guy has gone thru a lot of effort and it looks like a winner. He says that site refuses to post his comments. In my o that is irresponsible.
  7. That looks like an incredible waste of time, for a questionable turbo setup.

  8. assuming he welded a block plate between the inlet and outlet of the turbo, it should work would HAVE to cut out the metal under the rear seat. I had a remote mount that had turbos where the mufflers were, and it worked great, however i diden't cut my floor pan, and it was just too low. still made great boost with minimal lag.
  9. looks like an odd setup but after seeing that thread that guy knows how to fabricate really well and some very intuitive work. Very creative. Im impressed.
  10. supercharged and twin turbo'd...
  11. If you look at the link, you'll see how much he had to cut out. He also built custom sidebars that acted as induction pipes. Even though the guy did seem to do quite a bit of fabrication to restrengthen the rear end of the car, I question the integrity of the unibody after it's had that much cut away from it. I think the turbo setup is questionable, because the turbos are mounted so far away from the engine, there is going to be a great deal of heat loss which will hurt the efficiency of the turbochargers. I know there is a company that makes a turbo kit that mounts under the car near the muffler, and the work pretty well on the F-body cars, but still, I don't think it's an ideal setup. That, and any water splashing up from under the car is liable to shock cool the turbochargers. The whole point of the setup is to try and hide the power adders. But with turbochargers that size, there is no way you're going to drive that car, and not have someone hear them spooling up. So I think it was a pointless effort to do all that fabrication.

  12. I am not the kinda guy that has to always be right, but sheesh, the setup looks mighty fine by me on all accounts. I understand you don't like it but he's not even finished yet. Maybe wait and see what it does before concluding.
  13. you can turbo a lincoln LS by doing a rear mounted setup...but not like that...there was a guy that did it to his a while back...

    Lincoln vs Cadillac Forums

    its somewhere on that site...
  14. looks and sounds good...nice flame thrower at the end there...
  15. Just saying, it's not the optimum setup. He's put forth a lot of effort to hide the turbos, when they really won't be hidden anyway.

  16. Yea prolly not optimum. Pretty good weight distribution though. Right over the wheels where we need it. That's why even tho his rwhp #'s aren't astounding yet his times are lower than higher powered cars. :shrug: Did anyone notice?