New Turbo mufflers.

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  1. Bottom line is its a cool setup. Not everyone builds a setup for ideal maximum power. He built the setup because he wanted to. I would be inclined to believe he knew other setups could make more power. Regardless its some sweet fab work, still makes alot of power, its a fricken turbo mustang, and most importantly he's happy. :) Maybe he'd think my setup is stupid. :shrug:
  2. I think he was probably going for more stealth than function with that build. Everything about it screams low profile. The only thing that'd really give it away to the untrained eye....or ear as the case may be would be the sound of the spooling.
  3. any updates with this guy? im curious to see if it actually worked
  4. So it's pretty clear you didn't read the posts in this thread. Adam posted a link to his build.
  5. I was just resurrecting this thread to show some of the new comers and i had to write something, not the best choice of words i guess. I think the build is pretty interesting
  6. Looks like he's had it running...with a serious fuel problem though. Hopefully he'll have a vid up soon.