"New" used Heads, To P&P or not?

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  1. Here's the description that I got with the used heads I bought.

    "ITs cool...they have some of the short runner taken out, and the ports are blended to the valve seats. They have brand new Crower SS valves +1mm intake and exhaust valves on them with a competition valve job and Comp springs. LIke I said in the for sale section is they made 302RWHP on stock manifolds. I put BBK L/Ts on them and never got to dyno it again, but it seemed to pull harder. I would guess that with all the other stuff with my car I would have hit 310-315RWHP with the longtubes. In short, they aren't a 'full CNC' port like the VTs or Fox Lake or MPH are. They cost me a few bucks to get done(I think I have about 1200 bucks in them) but just cause they don't have VT or MPH stamped on them...doesnt mean they don't work. They are making 536RWHP on my car right now. Also another advantage of these heads is you will have LESS PTV clearance issues cause the Crower valves have no 'lip' on the valves."
    The easy answer is depends on the price, but other than that, what do you think? BTW I have VT stage 2 N/A cams going on also, but that's another thread.
    Some pics for you.

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  2. I would do it. If I didnt, I would kick myself later when I eventualy wanted to get it done, or if their was a problem with the guides or something. You never know. Get them checked out and p&p while they are in there.
  3. i agree with the post above get the heads checked out and stuff and do the P&P on them :nice:
  4. ive heard that and ameture p/p job on modular heads can hurt you. It messes up flow and velocity.
  5. So I decided to get them P&P'd. Even if they are good right now they could probably still benefit from a good porting job.
    Thanks fellas.