New User With Big Dreams. 2.3t Project

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What body should I use?

  1. Fox Body

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  2. SN-95

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  3. New Edge

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  1. I've never really been big on forums and things of the like but I'm reaching out for help and opinions. I've been tossing around the idea of a 2.3T mustang for quite some time and I've decided to go ahead and do it. I've already got an SVO with 42lb injectors and a T3/T4 turbo arranged for purchase. It comes with a world class T5. I'm toying with the idea of using Megasquirt unless someone can convince me otherwise, although I don't even know where to begin with it. I also haven't decided on the body yet. I might go SN, but I would also be ok with a fox body or New Edge. I'm also pretty sure that I want to run a 4.10 rear.
    I'm Randy by the way.
  2. Well.... You've come to the right place. Not only is this a Mustang forum, but it's a Mustang forum for the bent, the twisted, and the otherwise socially unacceptable.

    It also just so happens that some of the more twisted types (who shall remain nameless @madmike1157 ) hang out in the Fox/SN section.

    I'm going to move this along to that forum and Mike (as well as others) should be along shortly, to lead you down the path of originality and financial ruin. :nice:

    Welcome to :SN:
  3. I said new edge just because you dont see it ever.
  4. Financial Ruin .....muhahahaha!!! :nice:
    I vote Fox btw :D
  5. New edge for the win! Sounds like a neat project all it needs now is pictures!
  6. Yeaaa, that will be sweet! Do it up right and make all the import kids hang their heads in shame. I vote for the lightest car possible. Fox or *gasp* Miata.
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  7. You can be shot in the face.

    Juss Sayin'. o_O
  8. I voted for fox as well (too bad just the same,.......the SN choice is soooo close):rolleyes:

    I voted for the lightest of the three cars because of the small displacement.

    The megasquirt is just as foreign to me as well, and I've built 2.5 of them so far. There is a fair amount of reading you should do prior to committing to it. Are you going to build your own, or buy it pre-assembled? If you build your own there are several choices you'll have to make,... i.e SEFI, or batch fire, Distributor, EDIS, or COP,.... PWM, FIdle, or IAC to name a few. It's not really that hard to build, just very tedious, and requires the right stuff to get the job done. Fortunately that amounts to a good soldering iron (30 bucks) and a big assed magnifying glass ( another 30 bucks). The circuit board gets real crowded, real fast, so unless you have eagle eyes,...the magnifier will be your friend.
  9. Mustang II Cobra baby!

  10. My buddy where I live is egging on the fox body pretty well. Apparently it's the cheapest, most customizable (for price), lightest and most abundant of the three. Not a big fan of the Mustang II, I'll take the original Eleanor any day of the week though.
    To those of you saying I'm going to make import kids cry, my goal is actually to make my buddies with very expensive newer sportscars...cough *Big Block V8's* cough... cry when they get beat by a 4 banger and get better fuel economy doing it. :lol:
  11. Hubers car actually has one of the original mega squirt systems in it! He was given by spectre back in the day a mega squirt to do some testing with along with a buddy of mine. We were actually able to see some of his data and all i can say is damn is that little four banger impressive!!!
  12. As much as the base Miata is a hairdresser's car, a V8 swap Miata is the modern AC Cobra. Whether domestic car guys are able to put aside their ego and admit that... is another story. A Miata with an "outdated" American turbo 4-banger would be kind of comical and lots of fun. Roller Miatas can be had SUPER cheap. Way cheaper and way lighter than any of the cars mentioned above. 300 HP in a Miata is like 400+ in a Fox.

  13. Yes yes, I get all of that. Here's my biggest problem though... :chin

    Every mile or so, I'd have to stop, get out of the car, then point and laugh at me for driving a miata. :shrug:
  14. I've seen a 2.3t swap in an sn95 back in the day. I would stick with a smaller car. Fox chassis, 64/5 coupe, maybe even a falcon. both are light weight and set up for RWD.

  15. Did you lose track of this thread?
  16. He went to the Miata forums.
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