new V6 badges

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  1. seen em.... good find tho
  2. Actually I want to put GT badges on my car and a Cobra hood...and when the ricers beat me they can say yo....I beat a GT. :D Oh and I need some foglight and a cobra front emblem.

    Just kiddin....please don't anybody wet themselves and have a caniption about this. it is only the net.
  3. the guy who makes them posts over at
  4. Good find!

    I just ordered two of the "V6 3.8L" badges... For $10 a piece, that sounded like a good deal. Can't wait to put them on! I'll take some pictures too! :banana:

  5. Hey, where'd my quote go? I see u took it off your sig... :shrug: :D..NEwayz, I have a 3.8 on the rear decklid of my Stang and I think it looks good. As for changing off the side pony logos, well...I kinda feel like that would be a little much. Besides, I personally think they look great.
  6. I agree, leave the ponies, and just slap a badge on the rear deck lid.
  7. i disagree with the ponies... on my car they look horrendous with the paint job i have... its not so much the actualy pony itself, but the red white and blue behind it.. i think one of those 232's would look good on there... imho
  8. I disagree too.

    While I love the ponies against my beautiful blue paintjob, I just believe that them being there is making the car seem like a piece of crap to Chevy/Mustang enthusiasts here. ;)

    I like them, but I hope the V6 3.8L badges will spice it up a bit, and give it that "non-6'er look". :hail2:
  9. really, with the ponies everyone can tell from far far away that the car is just a stock V6 those other ones give it a bit of a flare... while you still may have a stock with no mods, you at least dont look like a yuppie that bought a mustang cause its a "muscle" car.. then again.. doing stuff like that could make you look even more like one.. so...
  10. why would you want to advertise V6?? Yes I own a V6 but, kinda silly.....
  11. true, but i think having 232 on it would look better than the pony's and doesnt flat out advertise v6
  12. I kinda like the retro-style 232 "block". Im just wondering about how it would look depending on where you put it.
  13. im torn on which ones to get for my car.. right now im running around with a couple good sized holes on my fenders cause the emblems are off (were taken off to paint the car, didnt want to take the time to fill the holes in..) so i definantly need to get something on there.. i just dont know what...
  14. I got the 232 badges on the fenders, I think they look badass..most people r like, "wow, what's the 232 mean??" they think It's some custom ride or
    then again people that know what it means, especially V8's, they love to rev and peel out like their the day, when I get to push 300hp or better, im gonna get a custom badge made " 3.8U " :flame:
  15. The pointy looking numbers of the 232 badges look much better on the 99+ Mustangs I think. Not so hot on the SN95's. If people don't know what 232 or any other combination of numbers on the side of a car means, then they aren't worth impressing!

    Now one day, if I ever get around to the SSM 403 package, I'll be in the market for some 4.3L badges, maybe.
  16. I just slapped on my V6 3.8L badges, and they look absolutely kick ass.

    I'm thinking about getting a 232 for the back, but can't decide wether or not I should...

    I love em! :banana:
  17. Here's a picture of my Brother driving off in my '96 before I left for Tampa the other day. He was leaving for San Antonio the next day, so I took the picture "because", but the badge came out purdy good! :banana:

  18. I guess it does look pretty decent on an SN95. I didn't like them much before.