new V6 badges

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  1. anybody got any good pics of the "3.8" (in retro 5.0 style) on an SN95?
  2. thanks for the kind words guys
  3. talk about grave digging. haha
  4. AutoBadges has risen from the grave.....BTW he sells excellent quality merchandise
  5. Translated into a simple form of English that everyone can understand:

  6. I like Autobadges and have used them on both my Mustangs.

    3.9 on my 04 and 232 on my 96. Also had the V6-3.8 on the sides of the 96 but can't find any pictures of it.

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  7. still alive lol
  8. I have the 232 badges and personaly i think they look real good
    real old pic, but it works :shrug:

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  9. I think ima go with the 232badges on the side and the SCT on rear opposite of the Ford....after I get my tune by them
  10. it'll look good :nice: my friend has the sct on the back like that
  11. Now that I see your 232, I'm kinda wishing I went with them as apposed to the 3.8s...
  12. lol well either way it'll look good:nice:
  13. Here's another shot of a 3.9 emblem from AutoBadges

  14. How do you like the louvers?
  15. Those are on my wife's car, but in Texas at least they perform a very valuable function keeping a lot of sun out of the car. Those have been on for 2+ years with no problems. I have had a set of Visus louvers on my own car for over three years, also with no problems from rattling, etc. at speeds up to 100 mph.
  16. Holy old thread :eek:
  17. I don't know about the louvers, I had some on my old 280zx. I liked em. Any more pics from the side of that mustang...curious..
  18. here they are on the '04 from the side:


    and here are the Visus louvers on my '03:

  19. Hmph. I like the look. It different and the first I have ever seen of a Mustang with Louvers. I'd put them on my ride, but its a vert, heh.

    And wierd...your neighborhood looks familiar...I wonder....
  20. It's in Grand Prairie