new V6 badges

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  1. I knew it, howdy neighbor.
  2. Do you live over there? If so I'll keep an eye out for your Mustang - grey verts with a 3.9 badge aren't an everyday sight.
  3. I will give discounts to anyone that mentions this thread just email us! :)
  4. I like this guy. haha i thought this was going to be someone bringing it back from the dead for fun or somethin, but this one is useful:)
  5. D'oh, should have read this before ordering my badges....

    they made it across the atlantic fine dude, and look sweet on my 96! fitted them today

  6. awesome stuff, thank you guys for the support

    I will repeat...mention this thread and I will give you a discount on anything you order....and this goes for those that already ordered :D
  7. get me some pictures :flag:
  8. will do mate, i think you will like the look of the car..

    all i need is a nice clear day over the next couple of weeks, its so foggy its unreal here today...

  9. in case anyone was wondering, the fender flares are because the car is a japanese spec car, it was sold new in tokyo

    ever seen a mustang handbook like this? :)

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