new versailles rear end parts

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by htwheelz67, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. 2 brand new raybestos rotors,2 brand new rebuilt raybestos calipers, a set of premium raybestos semi met pads, calipers have the parking brake levers as well.

    They are on my uninstalled rear end, because I cant find the parking brake brackets for this rear end I am selling the unused parts as without the brackets the brakes will not adjust. All these parts are high quality bought about 6-7 years ago and never used. I am asking 350.00 for rotors,calipers and pads, I also have brand new left and right raybestos brake hoses in the box and banjo bolts (not available anymore, Make offer....) I also have 2 sets of caliper mounting brackets and bols as well as axle to caliper brackets and a set of stock axles.

    PM me if interested, I will be putting on ebay but thought I would offer to fellow mustangers first.

  2. INtersted in some of the misc parts, especially the caliper brackets. can you email me? [email protected]

  3. I just did a quick check on the Rockauto website, and this is what I found regarding prices for these items:

    Raybestos new Rotors:

    Right: $37.89
    Left: $37.99

    Raybestos rebuilt Calipers:

    Left: $57.79
    Right: $58.89

    Core charge for each: $69

    Bendix Ceramic Pads: $31.89

    Total(w/core charge): $362.45

    If a person already had the calipers, then the total only comes to around $225 from that site . . . is there some reason why you are asking $125 more than what one would be able to buy them new from Rockauto?
  4. Rock Auto is where I got my Versailles stuff from.

    If the L and R caliper hoses are new I'm interested. Are they still in the box? Whats the part numbers on the boxes? Do you have a picture of the hoses?
  5. because these parts are not made in China like the rock auto ones, they were bought about 7 yrs ago.......make offers
  6. The parts I got from Rock Auto are Raybestos, so they are not the real cheap junk.

    Do you have pictures of the 2 hoses?
  7. still made in china.......I may keep the new hoses as I want to see how they fit my cobra calipers but I have some good cond used ones. My mistake, the center hose is raybestos bh36710, the l/r hoses are wagner bh88979 and bh9980 if I dont use them I will re-post. I am told they fit better than cobra hoses......
  8. like I said make offers on the other stuff, I know when I bought the rotors they were around 90 each and the calipers were rediculous and I had no cores, its strange they are so cheap now, the discs I can understand but the calipers I cant...
  9. I am insterested in the new Vesailles hoses. Those are the correct part numbers. I would like to see pictures of them though. Sorry, I'm not interested in old ones.
  10. like I said I am going to use them if I can on my cobra rear conversion.
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