New Vibration In Steering

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  1. I have a 95 5.0 Mustang, I recently got a new Vibration up in the front. I went ahead and jacked it up to see if I could see anything. I felt around and everything looks good. I didn't hit anything it just developed. But don't get me wrong I am not nice to this Car at all. I also just put a H-Pipe on it last week and its been moving around a little under the car so I went ahead and put it up on the side after looking at the front end. After getting the H-Pipe where I wanted it I moved the wheel to make sure my Flow masters where not touching the Drive Shaft. I heard a click. I ended up pulling the diff cover and found a few chewed teeth. Car still runs and drives ok and I know I should be easy on it. I guess my real question is do you think that could be part of the Vibration in the Steering wheel? Because I have noticed that the tranny is moving a little bit, when I am driving I can see the stick moving around a little bit. Its a t-5 transmission. It only starts the vibrate the steering wheel around 45+ faster I go the more it vibrates.
  2. I got back under it last night, I happened to find that the tie rods were a little torn, so I replaced that then noticed that I was missing some weights on my wheel so it was probley out of balance as well thanks for your help
  3. Nobody had replied to your posts but you're welcome anyway. ;)
  4. Lmao, I know. Small hint of sarcasm their lol, but just incase anyone was trying to figure it out or something
  5. Check your trans mount bolts (2x) and make sure they are tight, I know you fixed that issue but they are easily accessed and will stop your shifter from moving.
  6. Yeah when I fixed the vibration I jacked my car up and tightened that all up, it was about time I needed to double check the bolts on my H-Pipe that I installed a week ago