Wheels-Tires New wheels and 5 lug conversion

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  1. All,

    I have a set of 06 bullitt wheels that were given to me. I want to do a 5 lug swap on my 86.

    I have seen that wheels up to 04 have no problems, so I am wondering what the deal is with the 06 and what kind of gotchas I may hit. Has anyone done this?
  2. the offset is really off/different. just google image search and you'll see.
  3. The '05+ wheels have different offset and more backspacing than SN95 wheels. They will likely sit too far in and perhaps necessitate the use of a spacer/adapter.
  4. You'd need a 1" spacer to run those wheels.

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  5. They have more backspace...

    I wonder if they will work if you do your 4 lug conversion using SN parts?
    I don't know, just a thought.
    I know the 99-04 rear is wider by quite a bit, and that might make up the difference on the rear.
    The same is true for the front too, but I don't know if it's enough.
  6. They are similar to SVO wheels.

    It's been done using the 96+ spindles up front, and sn95 axles out back, but they would till sit inboard slightly. But that would be the best way to do it short of a 99-04 rear axles (wider than 86-98 axles)
  7. So it seems as though the easiest solution would be to use the 1" spacer to make them work. Are there any safety concerns with doing this?
  8. sell them and buy the wheels that fit your car. you will be happier in the longrun. the only way those wheels would remotely work without a spacer is to run 96+ spindles up front and to use an SN length rear set up to push the rear tires out. Even then you would still likely be looking at spacers.
    Spacers are horrible and put all the weight on the studs. look up UnderpressureGT he has a hell of a thread on here.
    If you want to run these look for hubcentric wheel adapters. they bolt onto your hubs using the stock studs and have studs of their own that the wheel bolts onto. Keeping the weight of the wheel focused on the hubs of your car and not on the studs which have the structural integrity of string cheese.
  9. Yes. Although you'll get differing opinions.

    What do you intend to do with car? If you are just cruising around out for Sunday coffee...go for it.

    If you are canyon carving...no spacers.

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  10. This is a cruising convertible.
  11. Then you can run spacers if you so desire. I'd recommend upgrading the lugs. You might find after the price of spacers and lugs, that you could have sold the wheels and bought 01-04 bullitts that have Fox-friendly offsets. Up to you o do the cost-benefit.

    Another issue is tire size. If these are rims only, you are all set. But if these have the tires from the 06, then they are the wrong size. Those have 235/55/17's i beleive. You really want a 245/45/17 or 235/45/17 tire on there.

    Also, up front, you'd need an Sn95 5-lug conversion. The lincoln rotors method might not allow the center cap to mount or the rim to seat.