New wheels and tires on the fox, PICS!!!!.....56K WARNING

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  1. On hot days i have to because of the tight space and lots of iron to cool and barely enough fan/radiator to handle it.
  2. looks sweet bro , sell me your ponies!
  3. sorry to interrupt this thread but I wasn't sure if you guys wanted to see this but its my uncles fox with a 460 in it .. Its a block out of a lincoln with stock heads just ported and polished and has an 850 cfm holley carb. Best time so far was a 10.2 in the quarter and it weighs in at 3200 lbs. The car will be getting a stroker kit in soon to take it into the 500 cubic inch zone and looking for some deep 9 sec. runs!
    edit: sorry i forgot to say this is actually a mercury capri with mustangs body parts on
  4. I just found out tonight that 3 of my 4 exhaust valve seals are split down the side on one side of the motor, they are the umbrella ones, I really dont have the time to fix this right now, do you guys think it be ok to run it with split valve seals over the summer? I never smelled burnt oil or saw any unusual smoke, but i did use about a half QT of oil over the whole summer.
  5. Thats because its the exhaust side...if you looked down the inside of your headers they would probably have burn on oil and crap.

    But hey,if you dont got time,I guess its ok,I mean I wouldnt but WTH...only a 1/2 Qt here and there....
  6. OK i just ordered some fel-pro stock type valve seals, hopefully i will maybe get this done this weekend, i found out i dont have to work at all. When i installed the old ones with the new springs they did feel kinda stiff, they were sitting for 2 years while the motor was being stored before i got it, maybe they just cracked during first start-up from being stiff. Hopefully these new ones will work out. Im not sure if it was the heat from the exhaust or not.