New Wheels

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  1. I just put some new wheels on my 02. Here are some pics if anyone is interested.



    Any suggestions for my next mod? Other than the wheels and the stereo, everything is stock. I would like to get a GT bumper and put in a dual exhaust system. How hard is it to remove the bumper?
  2. removing the bumper is fairly easy, i did it once just to see how difficult it was. in fact, someone could make a fairly nice life for themselves stealing and hocking not much else......idea....oo!
  3. You should lower it next.

    looks good though

    4X4 stangs ROCK!
  4. Funny that you said that Chris.......... the other day I was at an Islander game and I parked next to a silver GT. It was dark and secluded. I thought to myself how nice it would be to take the guy's bumper. On the other hand, I couldn't do that to a fellow mustang.
  5. mps ( out of Winder Ga, will hook you up w/ a gt bumper, they did me, only difference is i drove over there and they changed it as a internet exchange so i didnt have to pay tax, got a front and rear bumper for like just at 225 i think(its been a while). Oh and i hit a dog goin 80 hence the reason for the new front bumper. The rims look great man, what kind are they, how much did you pay, and how much did you pay for the tires.
  6. The rims are Falken torque 5 in gunmetal with FALKEN 512 245/40/18. I paid 1100 and picked them up in brooklyn so I didn't have to pay for shipping.
  7. my uncle ships for a falken, i wonder if i can get a discount, my 16 inch rims are gettin kinda bo-ring anyway, ill be sure to remember that
  8. or you could get your stockers sanded down and get them powder coated black... they did that on a focus on some gay tuner show on spike tv
  9. yeah you think that until he cuts you off and flicks u off because he doesnt have the same respect for you and all you can think about is that free bumper that could have been yours..... :bang: