new wheels...

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  1. What do you think?
    They are 17x9 03 cobra wheels with 4 lugs.
  2. Looks nice with the dark blue :nice: Will they fit on the 2.3 without any rubbing?
  3. They rub slightly on the 87-90, probably just need to roll the fenders. The 91-93 has slightly larger wheel wells which don't ussually rub.
  4. They look awsome!!! Great choice. :nice:

    My only question is....why do they look like a photoshop creation based on your avatar? :shrug:
  5. Answer : IT IS
  6. dang it, I forgot about my avatar. :(
  7. honestly.. i like the ponys better. For some reason 5 spoke wheels and 4 lugs doesnt look right to me. Now a 5 lug convert and those wheels... Damn..

  8. I was gonna call your bluff, or should i say bhuff... :nice:
  9. HaHa, you're a cheeseball man.
    I do like those wheels also, but they're pretty expensive. If I got them they'd be worth more than my car! :D
  10. its a good chop, but the center caps are all facing the same way and the rear has discs, but are you really considering those rims

  11. If I had the money to spare, I would buy them in a heartbeat, but thats a lot of money for wheels and tires. This was just having a little fun. :)