35th Anniv New Wheels!

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  1. Been kinda quiet in here for a couple of days so I thought I'd post my latest update...

    I'll be ordering a set of staggered, 18", FR500 wheels at the begining of next week! I decided to go with the hypercoated finish. Pics will be posted as soon as they're on the car!!

    So what about you guys? Anybody else got anything fun coming?? :nice:
  2. Always wanted those rims on mine when I had it, i settled for 18'' bullets because i got the rims and tires brand new from AFS for $550 shipped.
  3. My "to do " list as I have time, and of course money:

    New mass back carpet and floor mats
    BBK shorty headers
    Maximum Motorsports starter box.
  4. @Red9935thGT - That a great price and those wheels looked sharp too! I love that pic in your signature.

    @Lolds - Sounds like fun! Let us know when you get to it!
  5. Definitely post picts of the FR500s when you get them on!

    I've been on the fence about those exact wheels the past 2+ years. My tires are finally worn to the point where I need new ones, but I can't decide what I want to do.
  6. Wheels should be on Friday, Saturday at the absolute latest. Pics will follow ASAP! Once I get them up I'll let you know and if there's any specific shot/info you want just let me know!
  7. Wheel update? I'm probably 1/5 as excited to see them as you are!
  8. Haha it makes me happy that you're that excited! The wheels are here and they are on! They actually have been since Friday but I haven't really had time to get any pics up. The car looks AMAZING and I couldn't be more pleased! The car is kinda dirty right now but I will do my best to get some pics of it anyway this afternoon.

    If nothing else, I'm planning on giving her a good detail this weekend followed by pics for sure! :D
  9. So I posted this in the shine shop yesterday but it appears no one ever visits there... :rolleyes: As you guys know these wheels were no small investment and I would like to keep them looking new and well protected.

    What kind of protectants, cleaners, etc. do you guys use? And what about tools like the Mother's Power Ball? Thanks!
  10. Pics! The car is filthy and the camera crappy but here they are!

  11. Well crap that didn't work... Anyone know why Flickr won't work??
  12. Ok photobucket seems to work!!


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  13. Looks good man... are the rears 18x10's? What size tires are they? For some reason in your last pic they look really small.

    Good choice on the hypercoat too. :nice:
  14. Thanks! I had a hard time choosing but I am extremely pleased with the hypercoat :)

    The rears are indeed 18x10 and have a 285/35 on them. They do look kinda small in that pic and I don't know why..

    This Saturday I'm hoping to give her a good wax and then I'll break out the DSLR for some real pics! :D
  15. Damn! Those look awesome, thanks for posting! Nice stang too.

    Man, I think I'll be looking at getting those soon.

    Have you noticed a change in handling or ride quality?
  16. Gave the car a good wash and 2 coats of wax this weekend and it looks amazing! I'm hoping to get some pics this afternoon and post them under the pics section of the 4.6 thread.

    Handling and ride quality are improved, but not for the reasons you might think... Everytime I went to a shop they would tell me that my wheels were out of round and ask "can't you feel that?", to which I would reply, no. However, after getting brand new round wheels, the ride is spectacularly smooth. Also, compared to the Bridgestones that I had on the car, my Nitto NT555's have all day grip! I am very pleased :D
  17. Looks great!
  18. Your car looks really nice, looks like you're an American Muscle shopper as well :p Love the free shipping. When it comes to wheels, the guy I traded my car with put matte black cobra rims on the car. Well they grew on me after a while, but my car ended up looking more like a Mach 1 with Cobra Rims than a 35th o_O. Recently I switched my mufflers from Flowmaster 40 series to Dynomax Bullets; the sound is glorious. Now I'm just doing random little cosmetic changes. Good day to all! Nice cars everyone.