New wheels

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  1. Another yippee look what I bought thread.255/285 Nittos 555 [/ATTACH] 0120131318.jpg 0120131321.jpg 0120131338.jpg
  2. Looks good, now it just need lowered;)
  3. They look great. Those would be the wheels I would change to eventually had they not had the Shelby logo on it. I'm not a fan of mismatching parts. Shelby logos/badges on a GT, Boss striping on a V6, etc.
  4. Im not a lowered fan at all actually. Plus I believe you get less weight transfer, but I cant prove that.
  5. Thought I would share my TPMS experience also. I forgot to order them with the wheels so I bought 4 new ones from Fomoco. Since I bought the wheels w/tires mounted, I simply deflated, broke the bead on the stem side, pushed the tire down enough to barely get the new sensors in. Inflated back up and mounted them on the car. No error light or anything. I did damage one stem and it was barely leaking down so I tried a Autozone sensor to replace my Ford sensor. It triggered a code, so Ford sensors are self learning, Autozone ones are not. I have to replace it back to a Ford sensor.