New X-pipe With Cats Installed

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  1. For the last ten years or so I've been taking off my h-pipe and putting the cats back on for state inspection. I finally had enough and went and bought a bbk x-pipe with cats. The first pick is a line up of my h-pipes and my new x. On left is new 2.5 in xpipe with cats, next is a 2.25 in h-pipe bought by the original owner in 86-87, and on the right is a 1990 stock h-pipe with 4 cats. It don't sound as good as the h-pipe with flows but it sounds pretty good. I hope the sound clip will post...

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  2. How do I post a video? It wont let me
  3. I use to do the same thing for many years until Florida did away with emissions testing. I got fed up and bought a MAC h-pipe with cats. Funny part is a local shop had a dyno day so I ran down there with the off-road H-pipe first and it made 241HP / 289TQ. Ran home, put the high flow cats pipe on, took it for inspection then went back to the dyno where it made 237HP / 297TQ. This was back in 1997 on my 94GT. More TQ with the cats.