New Years 2013 SN95 Photoshoot!!! *Driving Around Town*

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  1. It's that time of year, i need to add a little "Gloss and Shine" to my SN95. So I went to the fridge and grabbed some Vintage 2008 Chemical Guys 50/50 Pure Concours Wax. Wow, this stuff makes my car look BRIGHT!!! This is a wax I havnt used in a few years, but It still amazing like the day I first used it!!

    So I went out on New Years Day to take some pics of my SN95 Around Town. Did a little shopping, went to the beach, and watched the sunset. Great way to spend the day with my favorite redhead pony!!!

    Enjoy the pics!!









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  2. Clean ride, looking good!
  3. If only those Cobra wheels were chrome, that car would POP!
  4. Yea, my car wont see a coat of wax until it sees a pait job, gotta put recent cash into the suspension the motor.

    Gotta tell ya' love seeing cars; not made in this century, shine better than house-hold mirrors.
  5. Prime example of how laser red holds up when you take care of it. All the others I see rolling around are pink.

    Great looking car man.