New Years Plan?

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  1. What's everyone doing for new years?

    I had a pre new years party at my house two days ago. I'm going to one tonight. I might go to two parties on new years eve or if I'm lazy or don't feel like going then I'll throw my own. Then next week I'm having a post new years party. :rlaugh:
  2. i'm going to a pre post new years party on new years eve :shrug:

    actually, it's just going to be me and like 8 people and alot of liquor at my friends house (i like going to partys... but i dont host them)
  3. Working for the first half the day then probably sit at home since my dad always grills good food. Maybe mess with some cops on games, kill some nazis, or maybe invite some people over since my room is teh clean! :Teh-Win:
  4. work till eleven...get laid at midnight :shrug: sounds good to me :D
  5. sounds good to me, but i have to wait untill after 2am if i even want to think about getting any:(
  6. Why after 2am? Is she with her other boyfriend who has a cobra? :rlaugh:
  7. I don't like hosting them either, but when I drink I don't drive(might hurt the mustang :( ) so I think I might be DD since I haven't been for a while :( Also, I don't really like going to other people's parties(that I don't know well) that much because a)they got nothing there b)they and the other people they invite act gay c) alot of time they're retards and the cops get called over :nonono: I guess my house is da cool anyway. :shrug:
  8. She waitresses at a place called "the Hurricane" down on St. Pete beach and she doesnt get off untill 2am New Years eve, so that means she wont get home untill like 245. yeah, we're pretty much going to have to wait to see each other on new years day... cause i aint driving to her place on new years eve after ive been participating in the festivities and i dont wanna make her drive all the way up to see me at 3 in the moring either
  9. She works at the hurricane? Does she blow? :rlaugh: JK

    You should tape the new years count down and play with for her the day after and make it "new years" again lol
  10. suck, blow, whatever works better:D

    i was thinking about tivoing it, but then i thought that would be kinda ghey to show her at like 1 in the after noon or some chit
  11. It would be, but that's why you gotta do it at midnight.
  12. Ok, interesting turn of events tonight. The party somehow ended up in my house. Don't know how the hell that happened but it did. There was around 20 of use and I knew most of the people so that was cool, except for a few guys that came there and well they were pretty flaming. The good part was that me and another friend of mine were the only straight guys there, so we were the center of attention to the girls, so that was :nice: After those "guys" left, everyone got drunk that was even more fun. So everyone is now trying to fall asleep. I'm kinda mad, because some of my alcohol was depleted :mad: What can you do. :shrug: All in all, it was pretty good when the chicks started to get drunk :)
  13. God im gunna miss those parties :( but i guess its worth it to a point cuz we got our insurance letter in today from USAA and they droped our 6 month by 65% BOOYA!!!! and capitol one offered...OFFERED me a 5.6% platnum card with a MINIMUM <note not MAXIMUM) credit allowance of $5000 bucks, when they just turned me down for a 12.9% and $2000 MAX. now with that and having every wed. off at work its gunna be a track fest for this semester and maybey if my scholarships line up and taxes work out my 2006 wish list will happen by end of march or april at the latest. maybe this marraige thingy isnt so bad after all but YES the parties will be greatly missed :(
  14. Hey that's good. I guess when you get married, they figure your gonna need money so your credit gets better.
  15. Not only that, but they think about it as 2 incomes. plus the longer you live at a location, and the longer you hold a job will increase your credit score by quite abit. The fact that I worked 2 seasonal jobs only 3 months long each just kills my score...doesn't drop it just I don't get any points.
  16. Max... i'm never drinking again :(
  17. where have you been OX drunk/hungover from new years still????
  18. ugh. I finally got over the flu after 9 fokin days. So New Years had to be kick ass... well I think I made it a little to kick ass and had to much to drink. this is what my night and most of my friends' nights concisted of

    9 jellow shots (orange vodka. green absinthe. cherry rum. coconut rum)
    5 Jack & cokes
    4 Red Stripes
    3 single shots of Jack
    1 absinthe mixed drink

    = makes your head spin alot & puking off your friends patio. I had a hang over for a day and a half and I felt sick to my stomach for another day afterwards.
  19. Damn OX your light weight ;) J?K the ol' ball N chain took 9...countem up fellas 9 double shots of sky vanilla....thats right cheep flavored vodka and a skrewdriver made with tropicana and grey goose and lasted for another 3 hours or so of sippin on "**** beers" smirnoff and bacardi 12ozers before she puked and she only did it once. BOOYA i married a tank!!!!!!! best part shes 5'9" and weighs 120, and went to work the next day at 10am hoorah!!!!my punk ass didnt drink that much and was out till 2am the day after
  20. /\ but thats also because i didn't hafta be