New Years Plan?

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  1. :lol: you got out drank by your women! j/k i'm drinking some more tonight... Texas vs USC!

    GO HORNS! if Texas wins, forget it... i can tell you now i wount be online for a while:lol: :rlaugh:
  2. WTF its a wed. night uh HELLLLOOOOOO sunshine 6-11pm?????
  3. not this wednesday night! NCAA national title game, Texas vs USC. I'm a big Texas fan so im not missing this for the world. I'll be up there next wednesday... we should run:D
  4. will you really you going next WED>?????
    well if i can get with my mech this weekend on my oil problem then heck yeah ill run ya
  6. :nice: cool, i'll be looking forward to kicking your ass:lol:

    :flag: YEAH!
  7. my ass may most deff. be kicked but ill be smileing anyway knowing i can still eat my turkey sammich and drive with my auto ;)
  8. that hurts my heart :(
  9. :lol: ill give ya one after ya wax my ass Mach 1 is teh win:hail2: only thing better is one with a trunk full o da turkey sammiches ;)
  10. if i came across a mach with a trunk full of turkey sammiches... i think id die right there

  11. hey OX how whats the next number for turkley sammiches club members???
  12. i think it's #4 or #5
  13. :lol: :lol: That's what everyone says. I say that but then I'm drinking later on that night :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  14. That's like me saying I'll never floor it again. Once the exhaust is on, I'll have another week of low gas milage because of WOT everywhere pissing off everyone.
  15. I bet. I'm surprised that you were able to drink that much after you drank the absinthe. I hear that chit ****s you up. The best way to drink everything is by chugging it. I can chug two screwdrivers (in tall glasses and heavy on the cheap vodka) in about a minute. I can do beer very easily too. Now that I think about it, I can chug alot of that chit. Funny thing is, that I'm not much of a big drinker. :eek:
  16. you can chug cause you're polish. A buddy of mine is like 75% polish and he can chug like its no ones bussiness. I can chug but only certain things.

  17. absinthe goes down so easy it's jard not to get trashed really fast. It's like nothing one inexeperienced will ever imagine, even if it did drive oscar wilde mad.
  18. I figured that that's why. A friend of mine joke that in poland, before the preschoolers go for their midday nap, they have their nap and take a shot of Finlandia Vodka :rlaugh: . I always say: Fun Polish Fact: If you can't find any alcohol, just cut yourself and drink your blood. It should be 98% alcohol.

    :lol: Eh, you are not a true pollock then. :canada: <--closest thing to the polish flag
  19. Really, I heard that it's stronge as ****.
  20. 70% alch!

    140 proof :nice:

    i'm only 30% polish or something like that... not alot. i'm more italian than anything:D so shut up or i'll run you over with my ferrari