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  1. Im a new member here i drive a 92 orange and blue stang 331 stroker cid carbed im currently working on a forum for events and things going on in texas if your interested sign up today if you live in texas this forum is going to grow by your help its not just a mustang forum either eventually it will have its own sections.... LS1 side Mustang Side that kinda of thing just help it grow thank you
  2. Welcome! :)

    Snapped your link--save that one for the regionals--thanks!
  3. Great color combo! My favorite color is orange and my first car was an orange super beetle that I got when I was 12 (Yes, I'm a red neck). Always wanted an orange 'stang because its my all time favorite model car. Passed up an 02 yellow convertable that I wanted to paint orange...your color combo has me thinking that was a bad idea! lol