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  1. New to the Forum.
    New to american sportscar ownership.
    New Race Red 2011 V6 Mustang!

    Hi all! I just traded in a MazdaSpeed3 for my new mustang.

    I never thought I'd see an American made sports car that combined the handling, power, poise, comfort and affordability that the new Mustang has.

    If this continues, I may just have to sell the BMW!

    Great forum! Looking forward to contributing.
  2. Pretty quiet place......:zombie:

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  3. Yours ain't too shabby either! I really like the Blue, that was my first choice but there just wasn't any around. Arrest - me - Red is nice, but a little too eye catching.
  4. Welcome and very nice ride, post more pics
  5. Thanks chile02, heres a few more shots....

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  6. Two more!

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  7. Thats very nice, very clean I test drove a v6 last year they are awesome
    cars, ford did a great job with them. Do you plan to do any upgrades. I heard they put up 454hp to the rear tires with a blower. even with out one, it puts up some impressive numbers. I know your going to enjoy owning a mustang. Congrat's and enjoy.:nice:
    Thanks for the pic's you should be very proud
  8. Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying it a great deal, even explaining to the unaware that the v6 is a different beast is kinda amusing!:)

    I don't think anyone leaves a car like this unmodified and I have a few things I want to do. I've changed the shifter Knob already and a tuner is next on the list, I have to unchain the animal within!

    I will be posting changes and results as they occur.
  9. HAHA it's addictive
  10. :nice: Thanks! I'm sure you will have lots of fun with the new ride. :flag: