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  1. Hello, I just picked up a 1994 mustang gt. This is the first mustang Ive owned and I havent worked on any in the past. I thought it would be a good idea to tear it down to a long block and get some fresh seals and paint on the parts... Ill post pics in a few.... Looking forward to learning alot about the 5.0 motor and mustangs in general.

    boltons are as follows,,, cobra motor and trans,a/c and smog delete, performer intake, 70mm bbk tb, 77mm proflo mass air, msd billet dizzy,msd coil, f303 cam,(factory 24lb injectors and gt40 heads), 1.6 rr, foxbody valve covers, trick flow underdrive pullies, bbk adj. fuel press reg, bbk 155 fuel pump, mac equal length headers, bbk hpipe, flowmater back, king cobra clutch, aluminum driveshaft, t/a diff girdle, cobra rims, cobra gauges, 302 badges
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  3. welcome to SN
  4. thanks, Ive been finding alot of info so far with the forum search tool. :nice:
  5. More pics of the TA :drool:
  6. :welcome: to stangnet
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  8. clean looking TA
  9. Spotless T/A... that Hurst/C&C hatch is a real collectors item. I think thats the only one I've actually seen mounted on a car in the past 20 years. Looks like you had a blower on in that first pic - what buildup do you have now?

    Welcome to the forums. By the scenery in your pics I'm guessing - Burr Ridge or Hinsdale?
  10. I was running a paxton sn92, but pulled it off. tuneability was a pain and it really had to work hard to feed 385 cubes. Im now n/a which is good for reliability. I should be able to push 420-450hp for the next 100k or so,,,,, which would be equal to 142 years since I put less than 1k miles on it in the last year since its been running.:D. Im actually from the south side, located by Midway.