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  1. Hey whats up everybody im new to this site i just joined today. I just purchased a 90 notchback 5.0 5 speed for a second car and a project. The car has work done to it which i rather it didnt because i dont have any idea what was done but the obvious but from what i can tell the car came with full exhaust which is a big plus a msd ignition and intake i havent checked the gearing or anything yet im still trying to get it to run right its running rich with a bad idle especially on cold starts im suspecting a vacuum leak im getting codes 41 91 29 33 but the engine harness is kinda hacked up and put together with but connectors on some parts which i cant stand but hey it wouldnt be any fun if it was perfect

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  2. Welcome aboard
  3. Start a new thread over in the fox section with any issues or questions you may have
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  4. your from nebraska?
  5. Yep lincoln