1. Ok, i Hope I'm in the right forum, I was wondering what mass air intakes are there for the 2.3 N/A? I've been trying to look around for one, and still can't find anything more then 5.0 stuff...and well 5.0's are a bit outa my league, I own a 1990 LX 2.3L and its still kinda stock but not really ive upgraded oil, belts, plugs, and wire set, and I was wondering if i can do mass air and new catback, since I've heard you can, and also race computers, have you guys seen them at all? atleast for 2.3's ive yet again only seen them for 5.0's and yet again thats utterly useless to me. Thanks in advance. oh yea and also i was wondering could i use ford focus performance upgrades?
  2. welcome to the land of lima, where aftermarket parts are, designed, purchased and assembled (custom) by you!

    Can you upgrade mass air? (no)
    If your car is a 90, its not mass air, its speed density. (you can still make yourself a cold air intake though)

    Cat back, no. You can go to a muffler shop and have them make you an exhuast though.Chances are , all you will need/want is a better sounding muffler.

    Computers, well you *can* buy a 2.3 "performance" chip ....but i highly recomend you save your money as they have shown to do NOTHING on these motors.

    Focus, no.
  3. What he said ^^^
  4. Ain't it a bummer...er... challenge!
  5. Stock up on elbow grease!