Newbe 87 2.3

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  1. I just got a 87 2.3 notch back Mustang. I am going to drag race it and wanted to know the best aftermarket header for the car. Anyone using the Dynatech, Schoenfeld, or Speedway. Any ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
  2. I don't know of many members using those brand headers so I'll throw in my $.02.
    I put a Pacesetter on in 2005 - I know you said you'll be drag racing but if you're using the car on the street at all the Pacesetter has EGR and O2 fittings in place, if either of those are even on '87s.
    I can't find them on Pacesetter's website or at Summit. has one listed ( but I'm not sure if the site is out-of-date; they also have a few other style headers listed.

    Here is a short vid of mine. It's just the rev and the vid is really old. The idle is often mistaken for a V8.
  3. Neat vid. Have you ever run the 1/4 mile and if so what was your ET.
  4. Nah, never been down the 1/4. I hear these cars run in the 18s or so!
  5. Do you know if the 87-90 2.3 are speed density operated and the 91-93's are mass air flow.
  6. Actually it's more like a 20 second quarter mile...I witnessed a 2.3 auto run once at WFC, and he ran a 21. Yikes.

    Also you have it exactly right. 87-90 are speed density, 91-93 are mass air.

    I'm curious as to why/how you intend to race this car. Honestly it might be a decent car to win brackets with, you'll get a 10+ second head start on most people!
  7. I run NHRA for the last 30 or so years. I have 3 FWD cars and I wanted to build one RD car for a change. A 88 with the 5 speed went 16 .5 seconds , and 91 2.3 Ranger went 16.9 seconds. Do you know where the cyclinder head # is located on the head.
  8. Wow, I can't believe either of those actually ran 16 seconds.

    Not sure where that would be, no. I haven't had a 2.3 for a few years now.