newbe from wash. state.

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  1. looks like a great site, already did a post, i have a 86 gt i bought new, wife has been driving it mostlly since new, all stock, she bought a new accord v-6. my gt is the auto trans. so its a pretty close race between us, so you guys have to show me how to blow the accord away lol. monday i have a mustang shop gonna install 4.10s, should be a big improvment over my stock 3.27s i hope, next month the exhaust , headers. and so on. my other ride is a 2002 7.3 diesel f350 crew cab, its modded up pretty good, so now its my turn to get the 86 gt running right.
  2. Welcome! :nice:
  3. Where at in Washington are you? Welcome to the site.
  4. renton

    where yu be?
  5. Welcome to StangNet! :)
  6. Welcome from a southern neighbor.
  7. Welcome to Stangnet :nice: Sounds like a good first few steps when it comes to mods and I know the guys in the 5.0 forum can guide you in the right direction with some of their stickies and information :nice:
  8. I'm down in Chehalis, it's south of Olympia.