Newbie alert !!

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  1. OK, newbie on the block :)

    I'm based down in Phoenix, AZ and have come to the inescapable conclusion that I *need* a Mustang :D

    As a bit of background, I'm an expat Brit living and working in the US and have had a "thing" for classic American cars for a while. Arizona is a great place to see *lots* of beautiful old cars at the weekly classic car shows and I feel it's soon time to join in the fun.

    But, what am I looking for ??

    I'd quite like a '69 car (coz that's the year I was born) and a convertible would be nice. It *has* to be a V8 but this is where things start to get confusing (for me at least !! :scratch: :) ).

    I'm the sort of person who likes to do a bit of research before making a purchase so I'm on the lookout for either a good technical web-site or a decent book to peruse to learn more about Mustangs. Quite frankly the options are a bit daunting - lots of Mustang web-sites and loads of books on Amazon !!

    I will be working to a budget (say $6-7K) and I'm not expecting a show-winner, just a decent, honest car. Is this a realistic proposition ? I'm mechanically adept and will happily fix most things but I don't want to end up with a complete shed which I regret buying.

    So, any pointers would be much appreciated. Looks like there's an active local Mustang club in Phoenix so I'll be paying them a visit.

    Thanks all

  2. oy, or is it oui. I never did see it spelled :D

    that part of the states is probably the best place to find cars with minimal rust. finding a daily driver for the amount you mentioned should not be to much of task.

    as for books, well I have one crappy one that I cannot remember the name of. I will have to dig it out of storage. I also have one decent one which is basically a recognition guide that has facts like motor options and such. but its in storage to.

    I will see if I can dig through some boxes this weekend and pull them out.

    anyways, welcome to stangnet.
  3. Maybe check some back issues of Mustang magazines. I have seen one recently that had an article on most common repairs on classic Mustangs. Good luck!
  4. I found the magazine. It was the Jan. 2004 issue of Mustang Monthly. "25 Top Fixes"
  5. I'm over in Mesa along with the other moderator of these boards 2bav8. So if you need somebody to help you check out a car just give me a PM. The Copperstate Mustang Club is an ok club. I haven't gone for a long time due to lack of time and initial impressions i got several years back. But I know the membership has changed and 2bav8 is an active member.

    There is also we get together a lot although I'm one of the few guys that has a classic mustang.

    There is a lot of links on my site And another great forum (like this one) at .

    But Phoenix is a great area for classic cars. There is a huge cruisin tomarrow (saturday) down on Central in downtown Phoenix (in the mall parkign lot). It starts usually about 12-1 pm and goes til 10 pm (this show is only done twice a year).

    If you need anything just drop me a PM.
  6. i would think a daily driver v8 69 vert is gonna be hard to find for 6 grand. Thats just being as what Ive looked at. Recently i saw a daily driver which needed rust/paint help 69 coupe, not vert, with a v8 go for $9500. Me personally for 6 grand and daily driver, id find a 65-67 289 coupe. You can get a nice decent one for 6-7 grand in that area.

    "Mustang Recognition Guide" by the editors of mustang monthly would be a good book that could help you with original equipment stuff so you can tell if its original or not.

    The reason I say a coupe is, I recently sold my 65 fastback for 17 grand, so I needed a daily driver replacement and did HEAVY auto trader and ebaymotors shopping for 2 weeks (during that time is when I saw the 69 coupe mentioned above go for $9500 on ebaymotors) and verts and 69's you just dont get much for 6-7 grand. Now what I did see were some NICE 65-67 coupes going from 6-7 grand. Ones with nice clean interior, nice clean motor, power steering, air conditioning and new paint job (that one ended for $7500) anyhow, thats what id shoot for, then later on when you can afford 15 grand or so, get the 69 vert.
  7. Thanks everyone !

    I'll see if I can get a back issue of that Mustang magazine - I suspect I might be needing something like that !! :D I'll also have a look for the Mustang Recognition guide too. Like I said, I'm not expecting a truly original show-winner, but it would be nice to know if the car feels "right" or not :)

    And thanks for the guide on what I can expect for the money. To be honest, the only reason I was thinking about a '69 car was because that's when I was born - no other reason so if there are better value cars out there I'll certainly be looking at those.

    oboebrian - thanks for those links, I'll go and take a look at those later. I'm in no rush to get the car (it's to replace a lease car which goes back in October) but thanks for the offer of assistance when looking. I'm going to start looking now and if the right car comes up then I can go for it if I need to rather than rush to get something later in the year.

    Don't know if I'll get down to Central on Saturday - missed the last one but apparently I have to take wifey out on Saturday night and I'm not sure she'd be that fussed about looking at a load of cars :D

    Thanks again everyone