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Aug 23, 2020
Hi, Name is Tom and I'm living in the central Texas (Seguin) area. I've had a few Fox bodies (~10) over the years), but haven't owned one in almost 15 years ago. They were always easy, cheap cars to build so I decided to pick up another one. I just bought this 93 GT from the original owners with 101K on the odometer, completely stock, except flowmasters. I was looking for a 5-speed, but this one had a fresh rebuild AOD, everything worked, and was so clean I just couldn't pass it up. So far. I've replaced the original radiator with a HD aluminum radiator, added an off-road pipe, subframe connectors, fresh tune-up, fluids change and getting ready to do a stereo upgrade (parts from Crutchfield on the way!). Future plans include doing a mild GT-40P, intake & cam upgrade.


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