Newbie from Calgary Canada

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  1. Great to find this place. I was just searching the net for a question regarding my 73 sportroof..seems this was the only place i found my answer,,,and believe me i did look. There was a thread regarding the 2 vacume sensors on the front of the cleavland. They are linked to the carb and vacume advance to speed engine in overheating situations. My question is can i plug those off?..i rebuilt the motor and have the edelbrock intake and carb..really nowhere to route those sensors with all the old setup gone...i live in its not like the car will see a day over 75 degrees anyway.
  2. Welcome from a fellow Canuk. Lots of great info here and some decent folk too if you can get past the fact they're American. You'll probably want to save your technical questions, for the Technical threads. Not a lot of people are going to see them over here. Head over to the Classic Tech Forum or 5.0L Tech Forum and have at it. :canada:
  3. Welcome aboard, and im sure you'll find your answer in the Classic tech forum