Bullitt Newbie from Maine with familiar car

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by MaineBullitt, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hello to StangNet from Maine. I am the proud new owner of the StangNet project Bullitt #0005. I flew down over Memorial Day weekend to pick the car up and drove her home the same day. I had the pleasure of meeting MRaburn and got to spend time with him before I left on my journey. I have to say that I hope for anybody buying a car that they are as fortunate as I was to have such a stand up guy and class act as MRaburn was for me. I had high expectations for #0005 before I got to see her. The car far surpassed everything I thought I knew about her. But what really impressed me was how much time Mike spent going over every detail about the car. He pointed things out that I would never have thought about and may never happen, but if they do I'll understand when they do now. I even got full documentation from birth till now, including a couple of issues of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords that #0005 was a feature car in. I know he really didn't want to sell the car, but I'm hoping Mike will have some peace in knowing that #0005 will have the same care provided for her here in Maine as she did in Alabama. Mike's pain will soon be eased by the arrival of his next project car which is a stunner for sure..... :flag:

  2. Enjoy her, man. I know Mike had a hard time letting her go, so take care of that piece of Mustang history. :)
  3. I will definately take good care of her. I plan on limiting use to about 3-5k per year, and then only in good weather. The car will continue to live a pampered life. I'm aware of the future value of this car and the history behind it and plan on maintaining the investment of this fine car. I feel fortunate to have come across the opportunity to own #0005 and will treat her appropriately....John
  4. very nice lets see some more pics!!!