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  1. Hey guys, my name is Josh. I am a member on a lot of the other stang forums but you can never be a part of too many social groups. Lol. Just here to meet new people and expand my knowledge. I have had several stangs but my current one is a turbo'd 2000 gt.
  2. Welcome to Stangnet! Would love to see some pictures of the GT
  3. Here is an outside and underhood shot. The underhood shot isnt all that great though. Hope you guys approve :D



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  4. How's the road manners/fuel economy (when not having fun)? I am toying with ditching the 2V altogether for a Coyote 5.0 and calling it a done deal. I'm loving the idea of a lighter and more efficient engine with a 2 year warranty!
  5. Welcome. I've been thinking about a coyote as opposed to a kennel bell setup in my 03. Just not sure about mating the harness'.

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  6. The road manners aren't bad. The suspension is noisy as its all adjustable and solid bushings. And the fuel mileage isn't great as I think the tune is a little off. You do know that's not a coyote
    Motor though right? The coyote motors are nice but IMO you could build a 2v that would make more power for less money. My last car was a 2v that was a 10 second very well street mannered car and I didn't have anywhere near what a coyote swap would cost in it. What are your goals with your car?
  7. Oh I know that, I meant I am considering going N/A Coyote rather than FI 4.6. =P

    Mid-12sec daily driver with good fuel economy and more importantly, reliability. I don't really want to run an SC or turbo if I can avoid it. My focus is on handling and braking more than straight line speed, but that doesn't mean I don't like me some of that too. :D
  8. Got ya. Yeah, if that's what you want then go for it. The coyotes are nice and I understand what you mean by reliable and still makes decent power. I'm all about straight line racing. I could care less how bumpy the ride and fuel mileage is. Lol.
  9. Sounds like you have a respectable suspension setup going on there anyway. Do you drive another car on most days?

    I went ahead and got fixed shocks and struts on the last go around, since mine's a daily driver. It's still in the process of getting a very capable suspension setup, but I'm not going all-out track car with it either. I love autoX, but the car spends 99.99999% of its life getting me from point A to point B. I'll be happy having an M3 killer without the M3 gremlins.
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  10. I have a truck that I can drive but I normally drive the stang. I'm just careful on bumps. It's not as bad as it may sound. Lol. And the car is super quiet now so I enjoy driving it. I haven't had it very long so I'm still working the bugs out. It will be a lot nicer as time goes on. It still has full interior and all so it's still daily drivable. The main reason I have the truck is just in case the car breaks.