Newbie from NC

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  1. hey peeps,
    im glenn from mooresville nc. i drive a 77 cobra II. its nice to see a site that has a few other IIs hope to meet and hear and learn from you guys....
  2. Welcome Glenn, I am from the Raleigh/Clayton area.
  3. Hello Glenn, I'm from the Winston-Salem area so I'm not far from you. Any pics of your car?

  4. yeah i got pics just cant get them in my gallery. it seams like each site is different when it comes to pics. the avatar is a pic of the cobra on the side of car:nice:
  5. E-mail them to me and I'll see if I can post them. There is a 76 Cobra II in High Point owned by a friend of mine named Andy. My car is a 78 and you can see what it looks like here: Cobra

    We should all get together sometime after the holidays.

  6. do you go on the mustang II registry often? i think ive seen you there...
  7. here are a couple of pics. the green will eventually be gone. redoing all the interior and a friend has put together my new 303

  8. Welcome to the site.

    Have you located the buck tag to verify if the car is really a Cobra? It doesn't look like one.

    What's done to the car mechanically? I see you've got 5 lug rear axles on there.
  9. where would i find the buck tag?
  10. IF the car still has it, it would be on the upper radiator support near the hood latch if it's a Dearborn built car, and on the lower radiator support behind the valance if it's a San Jose built car. If it's a real Cobra, it will have "CB" as one of the codes.

    Is the interior white or tan? Do you have any pics of the interior? Can you post the info off your door tag, if it's still on the car and wasn't painted over?
  11. w0rd. You might know me as 1fastII on HPJ.
  12. Pics don't work.
  13. Nice car Glenn, let us know how things are going on the engine. Feel free to ask questions.

  14. [​IMG]
    82 302 block bored .30 over 306 ci
    ported 289 with comp cams roller rocker
    weidlan dual plane intake
    edelbrorck proformer cam
    holly 650 double pumper
  15. [​IMG]

    this is the only interior pic ive got sal. if it aint a cobra then itll be a clone lol
  16. yeah there were only a couple of IIs on that site right?
  17. Glenn!!! lol, now I feel dumb for posting my greetings in the other thread. Nice to see ya here

    [formerly future9er24]
  18. hey arin how goes it.....good to see you here too!! i like it here.....lots of II peeps!
  19. Looks like a legit early 77 Cobra interior. Do you have any door tag info? Do you know what color the car originally was (looks like white)? Were you able to find the buck tag?