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  1. the car is in ashville with a friend having the engine done. he said he would get a pic of the tag and send it to me. im still waiting he said it was an 6cyl originaly. i really dont know alot about II's. and you all seem alot more knowledgable(sp) than i am. i hope you all can help me on the rebuild.
  2. Hey Glenn, i live in indian trail and i have a 1976 ghia with a 306 in her and a bunch of other stuff. welcome to the area and yes i agree we should all try to meet with our II's at some of the mustang meets that go on around here. they sometimes have a meet at the Hooters in moorseville. when the weather gets warm again we should meet:nice:
  3. one other thing, i also noticed the 5 lug rear wheels. is there a certain rear end from another ford product that would fit our II's in order to convert them to a 5 lug rear?
  4. hey manny, nice to meet ya, my friend that is doing my engine said the rear end is from a t-bird.
  5. okay sal, can you tell me anything about my II from this? my friend said he could clean it up some if needed. [​IMG]
    hey sal, i see a cb in the center. is that the cb you were talking about?
  6. i am a novice when it comes to cars. i have had a 65 mustang coupe, 83 mustang 4cyl/turbo and a 71 grande in my life. this is my 4th mustang, out of all of them i am most proud of this. so i will be asking you guys alot of questions about my car at least until you ban me!!!!!! lol
  7. Yep, she's a real Cobra. Looks like 9D on the color, so originally a white car.

    Check this out for more info on the buck tag codes...
  8. You'll have to clean that up a bit. I can't quite remember on the cobra II where on the buckplate it is, but it should be like my king, which says "V-8KC". It's kinda cold right now to play with the hood of the cobra II, u need 2 people to open it.
  9. welcome aboard. i lived in ashville 15 yrs ago, clay county area.
  10. i thank all of you for welcoming me to the site. i have alot to learn about the IIs. i may ask some stupid questions, but im new to this. i dont have the experience to do some things myself, but things i think i can tackle ill do. so your help and advice and experience would be greatly appreciated......:hail2:
  11. The late Maverick, early Granada (/Monarch/Versailles) rear axles are really close to the width of the MII rear (.75 inches too wide?). Even the spring perches are close (about .25 inch too wide). Some folks bolt the MII springs right to the perches, some move the perches in a bit.

    Measure twice, cut once!