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  1. Hello guys!

    Finally the Norwegian gouverment has desided to lower the import taxes on american muscle cars!
    So now my dream car is bought and payed for. Im picking the baby up on thursday, and then a 2600 kilometer drive from United Kingdom and back to Norway.

    The car I bought is a one owner car, 2005 Mustang Gt, with 45k miles on the clock.
    Its satin silver and has the GT premium pack with red leather interiour.

    Couple pictures, more to come once i have it in my hands.:)

  2. Congrats on the purchase, and welcome to the forum from just tomthe south :)
  3. Welcome aboard!
  4. Welcome to the forum. Get some pics of that nice gt with some of those pretty Norwegian ladies lol.
  5. Welcome. Let us know how the road trip went.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Is it hard to get parts out there?
  7. Hi!

    Well as said I bought the car, flew to London and picked it up. Was in as good condition as mentioned. But due to being a US car, and had been driven in europe, it had quite alot of surface rust underneat. Future plan is to take a full resto on the underside.

    The road trip home went as a dream, so did the drive trough Germany and its lack of speedlimits. Got a couple of race invitations from 2 Ferraris and some porsche's.

    Getting parts from US and to Norway is a pita. The price for shipping is almost as costly as the parts itselfe. So the price is generally doubled when its arrived.
  8. Btw, havent had the time to get the car detailed and trough a photoshoot, so this is the only picture ive got atm.


    And one other sad thing, today i was driving my other Ford. A 2009 Corvette pulled up behind me when i was driving regulary on a 40mph road. Looked in my rear wiev mirror i could see the Corvette spinning and powersliding on the road with quite heavy traffic. I suddenly saw he loose control of the car, car went across on the other side of the road and got hit by a Mercedes.. Sad sight....
  9. Welcome to the forum from the Netherlands :)