Newbie from Phoenix

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  1. What a great site...wife just bought a '10 Edge daily is an '05 TBird, special ordered back in 2005. Owned a 5.0 Mustang GT for over 10 years...loved that car! When I heard Ford was bringing back the 5.0, I started looking a Stangs we go!
  2. Welcome!!! I'm in Apache Junction. :nice:
  3. Thanks...we just drove throug AJ last weekend...went to Florence for the day to see where my wife's great-grandfather used to live (never did find his house...may have been torn down!).
    Can't wait for the 5.0's to hit the lot at Sanderson's...the salesman who sold us the Edge has sold us our last 3 vehicles...he told me he'd contact us when the 1st one came in...
  4. Nice! ::nice:

    I've only bought cars from Berge.
  5. Welcome. I am also looking forward to the 5.0!