newbie from san antonio

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by BlackPony01, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. this aint my first post on here but i havent introduced myself yet. so here it is, newbie here from SA Texas. i purchased my first stang in may 11 from my brother in law for 500 bucks. its a 01 v6 auto. it was a mess when i bought it but all it needed was a good tune up and parts here and there. and a paintjob too, it was originally red. just bought new wheels for her from AM and i just threw 'em on like on Tuesday. its my daily driver and i love this car :)

  2. hello.. car looks nice and clean man. well done. San Antonio here as well.
  3. badass!! and thanks man. what are you driving ?
  4. silver 2004 coupe. rolled 109,000.
  5. Welcome, car looks great!
  6. Nice!!! is it the 40th? that came with hood scoop and stuff
  7. it has the 40th badges and certain interior components, but has the '99cobra hood.
  8. Lucky !!! i want a cobra hood bad !!!
  9. ha. well its not the great or nice cobra hood, the one used on the 03/04 models, i'm looking to get one in carbon fiber in the future.