Mach 1 Newbie here a few Questions about my Mach 1

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  1. Hey everyone I've been playing with fox body's for years and have owned 9 of them but I just bought this used 03 Mach and I'm in love again. But unfortunatley I have done my research on them so I have a few ??? that I'm sure most of you could answer.

    1st- I think someone said they come stock with a TRemec trans, is that true and if so is it strong like the 3550 or the tko or just a stocker style for all newer mustangs?

    2nd- What gear ratio is in the rear?

    3rd- I've heard they are still really quite even with cat back exhaust. What exhaust can I get to really hear my exhaust without changing h-pipe.

    4th- Whats top speed on these things stock?

    Last- How well do they do against my favorite enemy the LS1 ?

    Thanks for any help you all can give me. :nice:
  2. 1. They come with a Tremec 3650, the same tranny that's in the Mustang GT. It has some issues that have been addressed in several TSB's.

    2. The stock rear gears are 3.55's

    3. Personally, I'm running a Borla Stinger catback with a stock h-pipe. I had a Magnaflow O/R x-pipe on it, but it was way too loud!

    4. Electronically limited to 152 mph.

    5. Stock for stock against an LS1, you win some, you lose some. It's pretty much the drivers race to win or lose.
  3. Thanks I'll do a search about the trans problems. And I was looking into maybe the SLP Loud Mouth for the exhaust. I don't want to go off road h-pipe again, I'd like to keep it like it came at least for now I'll most likely get the modding itch again eventually.
  4. I have the SLP Loudmouth and like it very much. The fit and finish were excellent, and the sound is......well, loud at WOT which is how I wanted it. There's several other excellent good catbacks out there too like the Borla, so do some research and in the meantime enjoy the Mach.

    Warning: modding is serious disease
  5. Yes, you should go with the SLP for Quality.

    On the LS1 thing, they are usually a couple of tenths faster then the Mach. The general rule is Some LS1's can be as "slow" as 13.6, while most with free mod's drop to 13.4ish. If an LS1 has an Air lid and exhaust, it will be in the high 12's, VERY LOW 13's.

    car & driver of course tested a '00 Trans Am completly stock @ 13.3 , but this was a professional driver and caused controversy.

    I don't think your going to find many "Stock" LS1's...
  6. I don't know about LS1s usually being faster......I've beaten almost every LS1 that I have ever raced in my car. I just raced a black WS6 Ram Air about 30 min. ago and took him by about two cars from 50MPH all the way to 130MPH and then i let off. I was gonna talk to the guy but I guess he was pissed cause he lost to a Stang and flipped a **** and went the other way. I raced an '01 Z28 6-speed with a lid and exhaust from a dead stop when I was still bone stock, and we were dead even all the way up to about 110MPH and we both let off after that because of limited room.......I dunno, maybe my car is a freak but the only LS1s i've lost to are ones that are spraying or ones that have quite a few mods done......and I know i read somewhere in a magazine or something that they got a Mach1 to run 13.13 or so bone stock with even the stock rubber. Thats faster than any stock SS or T/A.
  7. its not entirely true. a stock ls1 is 12 second capable. one has been pushed to 12.7 with a professional driver. but thats a once ina lifetime run. they are usually mid to low 13's stock. a mach is about the same. so any race with one is always or atleast should, be close. well whatever you decide to do one investment worth doing is getting a computer tune after you do some mods. a buddy of mine has BBK lt's, o/r x, borla stinger cat back, and pretty much all the bolt ons, pullies, t-body, cai. his mach with a mike muriillo tune put down 330rwhp. it baselined at about 285-90. so the tune is worth something if you open up the exhaust and intake.
  8. Yeah, something's not right there. Your Mach is running [email protected] and you pulled ahead of a black Trans Am after 50mph? :lol:

    I don't mean to flame, but the LS1 is in it's power band at those speeds and easily leaves GT's behind (and a Mach running 13.8). A well documented fact.
  9. Thanks for all the helpful info. I read alot on the tranny issues but mine is fine as of now with 24k miles. I plan on doing as little to mod it as possible. Actually I will get the bug but this is the first specialty car I have ever owned so I really like the idea of leaving it stock but then again I have modded the crap out of every mustang I've had, some a bit ridiculasly(sp?) So I might do a few bolt on's but most likely cat back, K&N, shifter, and maybe a small shot of juice:) That should net 12's and still drive good on the street. I'm looking for a little 4 banger pick up for some daily driving to I drive over 100 miles a day and that's gonna rack up fast on the Mach. You guys are great though I'll be asking more I'm sure I like to find out as much as possible before I start adding performance stuff. Thanks again

    And I have decided the loud mouth is for me. I downloaded a sound bit and it sounds nasty I like that :banana:
  10. Well, you have to understand that the track i'm running at is not at sea level or anywhere close, it's one of the worst places to run actually. My buddy has an '02 Ram Air T/A with a catback and a lid and his best run here is a 13.9. Most stock or close to stock GTs around here run 14.5s to 14.6s or so. This guy I know that used to have a black Mach had full exhaust; headers offroadx, catback, plus a short throw, cold air and 4.30 gears and his best run here was a 13.2. He's definitely not a ****ty driver either.....and when I ran that 13.8, i was still pretty new at racing my car. This is my first manual vehicle and I mean i had the thing less than a month so I wasn't exactly experienced. Plus I was bone stock then yeah, you can call BS all you want but I know what the truth is and so does everyone else around here that knows me. I did beat a T/A last night from 50-130, but yeah honestly he was very slowly starting to pull on me. He never completely caught up to me but he would have eventually.
  11. hmmmmmmmmmm. all the cars similar in performance are runnin similar times. yeah stock ls1 can run way better and so can a mach. the trans ram listed only runs a 13.9and the mach ran a 13.8 but this region like was said earlier is not the best for performance. on the highway a DOHC can hang with an ls1. i have beaten them by 2+ cars. a GT doesnt even need to be mentioned. they dont have the power or the gearing to run on the highway. most gt's that try to hang with me are done pulling before i even get a chance to shift out of 3rd.(usually about115-120mph) BTW crazykid2056, what do u drive?, best et's and where is it documented that a 13.8 mach is left behind on the highway by a ls1? the only one that can leave me behind by a wide margin dynos 470hp and 500tq at the wheels. its a 01 SS. and those are n/a numbers on a stock shortblock w/100,000 miles. that car is the exception as the cars we are discussing are near stock.
  12. well i know i can't mess with the c-6 man that hurt! :damnit:
  13. Stock Mach's run about 13.8ish, while the garden variety stock LS1 is 13.0 to 13.5
  14. Your name says it with you troll, you have very little knowledge of the Mach and you give way too much credit to the LS1's. Drivers are everything in both cars and either can be driven well or very crappy. Mach autos can run 13.8's easy.
  15. He's just mad cause he keeps losing to them in his '05 GT and they're supposed to be faster then our old Machs. :p
  16. I have lost to a few Mach's, but been trashed by every LS1 I've raced. Not mad about that, but I also know a stock LS1 would destroy either car.
  17. I know I was just playin a bit, but I don't think 1 or 2 tenths with equal drivers means destroyed. LS1 and Machs are a drivers race with a slight edge going to the LS1.

    More or less, the food chain as I see it...

    '03+ Cobra>'01-'02 LS1>/=Mach>/='04GTO>'98-'00 LS1>05GT>'99-'01 Cobra>'96-'98 Cobra>/='93-'97 LT1>/=99-'04GT>'96-98' GT

    I'm getting dizzy :crazy:
  18. Ive owned both a z28 and now a mach!
    Its pretty close! Although my z28 was an auto and the mach is a 5 speed...And I am not the best at stick...I did race a z28 when I first got my mach and it was even all the way!! Got up to 110mph and we both slowed up!
  19. So you weren't destroyed by an LS1? :shrug: