Mach 1 Newbie here a few Questions about my Mach 1

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  1. Correction:

    A '98-'00 LS1>'04GTO/>Mach
  2. That's crazy. :p
  3. The LS1 F-Body's were faster then the '04 GTO and about equal to the '05 GTO.

    The Mach1's were more of an equal match for the '04 GTO.
  4. LS1 GTO will run low 13s stock, saw it with my own eyes. And the 98-99 Fbody's weren't quite as fast as the later, say '02 Fbods with the LS6 intake on them that typically dyno higher then 300 rwhp while previous LS1 Fbods would dyno a little less then 300 rwhp.
  5. Yeah, I looked it up. LS1 F-Body's ('98-'99) Were around 13.5ish. While LS1 ('00-02's) were 13.0-13.3
  6. Yeah :flag:

    Obviously I'm not saying the earlier ones were slouches but I do know for a fact that the the later ones role, I have a couple friends with '02s and they can really move with just simple stuff like exhaust and lid cut out or whatever it's called. Dynoed well over 300 rwhp and running high twelves easy with some good driving. More the reason for us to mod our stangs though even more. :banana:
  7. I'll be sure and tell the next LS1 driver I send packing that you said he should of destroyed me. Get a grip kid.
  8. Alright I have to put my two sense in.

    Mach 1's are damn fast.

    Bone stock, I ran 13.301 @ 104.6 mph. (2.12 60ft on stock goodyears)I could beat some ls1's.

    Now that I have the following.

    Nitto 555 drag radials
    bassani off road x-pipe
    magna flow cat back
    k&n drop in filter

    I ran 12.820 @ 106.98 mph. with a 1.972 60ft. (23 psi on the tires...scared to brake the mach 1's fragile axels)

    And right now, I've beat a C6, z06, ls1's, and 03-04 Cobras. Now I don't know mods or transmissions, but I've also lost to a c6 with exhaust, and a few ls1's(didn't sound stock at all).

    This week I'm getting 4:10 rear end with 31 spline..and I'll be able to lower the tire pressue down to about 18 psi or even lower and launch a lot harder.

    Just letting you know from my experience.
  9. Don't think so kid. I haven't had a 98-00 F-body take me yet.
  10. Nice, I knew the GTO's were faster then what people are saying...there's a guy in the local car club with one I think with just some exhaust work (the proverbial guy I know) and he's run 13.1. So there a lot faster then some people give them credit for. :nice:
  11. MT rated Mach 1 at 13.8, bone stock. Just a tenth faster then the '05 GT.
  12. Oh, you're a magazine racer, I should have known! :bang: Here's bone stock for ya kid, and I mean BONE STOCK, right from the dealer to the drag strip. Deal with it, and have MT and CD, and all those other useless poop wipers deal with it! :p


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  13. Attention magazine racers, bench racers, and fanboys. Please shut the **** up and quit acting like you know what you're talking about. Thank you, that is all. :thumbsup:
  14. No way the Mach 1 ran 13.1 "Bone Stock". At e-town the Mach 1 class runs an average of 13.6-13.9

    In fact my friends Mach with exhaust, slicks, program and pulleys ran 13.7 with little wheel spin.

    Low 13's are more S/C Cobra and Trans Am territory
  15. e-town huh? Go to the mach1registry and have someone that knows how to launch and drive the car meet you there so he can trash you.....Sorry the 01/02 with the ls6 parts are much faster than the early models. You must read the mags more than make it to the track. CD doesn't power shift, they want to get times of the average non racer :shrug: WTF. Ford brought a Mach here at Tulsa Internationl and the 5 speed ran like 13.1. The last day they added DR's and it ran a 12.9X. Most cars are much faster than their drivers and most people at the mid night drags and the TNT events go a couple of times to see what they can run. You need to find someone with some seat time to see how the any of these cars run. :bang:
  16. Uhhh, yes way it did. Your friend obviously doesn't know how to drive the car. I have a friend with an Azure Blue 03 Mach 1 that added drag radials and 4:30 gears and went 12.7. Get your head outta your ass.
  17. "Sorry the 01/02 with the ls6 parts are much faster than the early models."

    What are u talking about?

    All (base) LS1's were rated at 345HP, every year from 1997 thru 2004. GM lowered the # on the F-Body's to please the Vette owners. But the power output was identical.
  18. What's so hard to believe about later model LS1s being faster then older LS1s, you already previously agreed that newer ones were a bit quicker. It's well known that late model Fbodies dyno above 300 rwhp stock while pre-ish '01 Fbods dyno a bit below 300 rwhp. And on many Mustang and Fbody forums it's been argued to death for a couple years now but near stock 1/4 times between LS1s and Mach1s are very close, slight edge to the LS1s, most of the time it comes down to the with it. :nice: