Mach 1 Newbie here a few Questions about my Mach 1

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  1. Last post to this thread for me. Do a little basic research on the web before you start quoteing things you know nothing about.

    1997 Camaro SS - 320hp 345tq
    1998 Camaro Z28 - 285hp 325tq
    1999 Camaro SS - 320hp 345tp
    2000 Camaro SS- 320hp 345tq
    2000 Camaro - 305hp 335tq
    2001 Camaro SS- 325hp 350tq
    2002 Camaro Z28- 310hp 340tq
    2002 Camaro SS 35th Annv. - 325hp 350tq

    Now for the 345hp car, what is it? I don't even have to look this one up. It's a fire chicken, the WS6 Firehawk with the SLP parts that were installed. I'd be very disappointed if a 1998 Z28 beat me. Not all fbodies are the same as you can see. Don't believe it? Do what you do best and read about the differences. And yes the latter models were under rated because the Cobra was on the old models heals.
  2. Ok, for the special people...

    The LS1 block itself was rated at 345HP or 350 with the Vette. the SAME exact BLOCK was dropped into the F-Body's. What came around the block was diffrent, intake, manifolds, exhaust... But ALL LS1 engines were produced @ 345-350 HP.
  3. Maybe you should take some of your own advice.

    The '97s still had the LT1 (save for very few with the LT4), Z28 was rated at 285/325 and the SS was 305/335.

    '98-'00 Z28 was rated at 305/335...SS was 320/345.

    '01-'02 Z28 was rated at 310/340...SS was 325/350.

    No such thing as a WS.6 Firehawk. ASC did the conversion for the WS.6 and SLP did the conversion for the Firehawk...two different companies that had nothing to do with eachother.

    And the LS1's were underrated because of the Cobra? That makes no sense.

    The LS1's were most likely underrated because of the Corvette. Walk into a Chevy dealership and see two cars, both rated at 350hp...but one is $50k and the other is $25k...the $50k car doesn't look like such a great deal to potential buyers.
  4. Welp the block is rated at 345-350 hp, that's interesting...For the record, I'd sell my left or right nut for a WS-6. Also pretty much no reason left for this thread to continue. I say we ca-chunk this one down. :lock:
  5. Well here's the link I used for the 98 and provided the rest for you guys that can read to figure out.

    Like I said on the Firehawk I didn't really search for it but knew it was a car sent out for special parts. I don't know about you but my block is good for over 400+ RWHP so a block doesn't say sqwat but a tune and the parts do. You Vette wantabes that don't have the power to weight ratio but your still as good....right. The heavy pig 05 GTO will trash you with a low 13 in most cases. I don't like their look but the 400hp engine rocks.

    BTW I've been in 3 street races with fbodies and haven't lost yet. A 99 to 125mph on the highway in a line race I ran up his A**. Go tell your stories somewhere elsa.....The mighty fbody we ran with an SRT stage 2 after the tulsa international raceway "Clash of the titans" a couple of weeks ago ran low 14's. Hot/Humid and a ****ty track but hardly the legend you try to claim. Sorry no "CATFISH" car for me or an SRT either for that matter, style is at least 50% of the game and nobody gives these cars a second look like the MACH. Money make them all fast. I'd stick to a TA if I'd ever consider a car with a glass rearend.

    Go look at, Chris (the owner) had a 99 WS6 but could never get under 13.5 since his clutch had so much slippage with a lid and catbacks. James my bud had a bone stock 2002 Z28 that put down 300rwhp which is more than his Mach but hated the car and sold it. You can see his dyno there too. It felt stronger but couldn't put the all important "power to the ground" needed to win races. Feel free to look at the dyno's.

    Funny how many trolls come to the Mustang boards to tell us how good they are! NOT, you don't see any of the real out of the class cars trashing us but you do see the "driver race" cars coming over here to give us crap.
  6. Very well said.......good post