Interior and Upholstery Newbie in Palm Springs, FL with 1998 GT and leather seat issues.


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Jan 23, 2019
Palm Springs, Fl 33461
Afternoon folks, recently purchased a really nice example of a '98 GT and the only glaring issues are some small and easily handled paint problems and of course the leather on the front seats is not the greatest. Upper driver's side bolster is shot and the rest of it could use a little TLC. Just talked to a local upholstery guy and he says that the skins are glued to the foam and nearly impossible to separate for repair. Pretty expensive to replace, anybody have any suggestions as to something in the middle? I've considered seat covers as a temporary issue, hate them in general but better than a big hole in the leather. Any suggestions on who makes the best covers are welcome as well. BTW, pretty new to this whole forum thing so thanks for the ad and sorry if I commit any faux pas! 1998 GT in Pacific Green with tan interior btw.
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Big Rich 6969

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Jan 28, 2019
Austin TX
Go to a salvage yard and get a new used seat tan ones are a dime a dozen around here I got mine at LKQ pick in pull for $28 on 40% off day. As far as seat covers go I went with supper lamb sheep skins off of craigslist for $45.


New Member
Jan 23, 2019
Palm Springs, Fl 33461
Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking with the age of the car finding a used one in good condition might be hard but it's worth the effort to look. If I have the front done in leather I'm looking at a big expense. Really, only the driver's seat is bad and I'm told repairing it is not an option since they glued the cover to the foam. The car's in great shape otherwise, worth whatever I have to do to make it right. Guess I'll start looking. Thanks again!
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