Newbie, kicked to the curb

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  1. Well i just quit using because the site is ridiculous. Came here hoping to meet some better people, who don't police everything you post. Just moved from PA to NV, had to leave my 2003 Mustang GT at my parents house, (couldn't drive the Uhaul and my car at the same time, had the GF's car on the trailor). I love my car but am basically forced to sell because it's over $1000 to ship, looking to buy another foxbody (owned a 1990 GT that ran low 12's w/o spray). If your located on the east coast or near PA and want a 03 GT hit me up for details and pics, i plan on posting it later for sale.
  2. Welcome! What part of NV? You might find what I would consider "moderate" policing of posts here, but not as bad as other forums. Stick to the rules of course and youre good. If you like more free posting check out the squeaky wheel section. :nice:
  3. well the only thing i had a problem with was the fact that you needed 50 posts to start a thread in the WTB section, i think that's ridiculous, i'm looking to buy a car, and i put it in the general discussion, thought that was the best possible place for it, some random hero nearly had a heart attack.
  4. Las Vegas... BTW
  5. :welcome: to :SNSign:

    Please familiarize yourself with the StangNet Terms of Service during your visit. They prefer you don't bash the other sites here. Let them dig their own graves, StangNet doesn't need to assist them.
  6. right on, i agree
  7. VERY NICE! I will be there again on Saturday, go about three times/three weeks a year :nice:
  8. Welcome! :)