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  1. I just purchased my second fox body. I previously owned a stock gt back in the 90's. now I just purchased an 88 mustang gt conv 5spd and couldn't be happier. I need some help with mods and what I should and shouldn't do.

    the car is bone stock and unmolested and in great shape for the most part. some interior touch ups mainly. so heres some of the ques I have about these cars.

    1) im wondering just how important sub frame connectors are? bolt in or weld? do I need a strut tower brace?
    2)the only mods I plan on currently are gears...3.55 or 3.73? H pipe or x pipe? and maybe some flowmaster super 44's...thoughts? and possibly shorty headers down the road.
    3) is there any way of putting in a styling bar without having seat belt issues? everywhere I look for one for sale its just for 90-93!

    I currently have a chirping under the engine that I thought was the belt. changed it and still the same...any ideas?
    sorry for all the ques but any help, advice, tips or tricks will all be appreciated
  2. standard upgrades,the search will give you all the answers you need but this is a forum so...

    me,373s i was happy with with minor bolt ons,subframes,bolt on good,weld on is better obviously,i was happy with h-pipe,flowmasters and shorty headers for years,i run magnaflow and x-pipe now,less drone and sounds awsome,but my car is far from stock now...

    the chirping if you changed the belt could be one of your belt driven accessories wearing out?,or you can check and make sure your tensioner is up to par also...
  3. Full length, weld in, sub frame connectors is the way to go. I personally like the 3.73s. I have no clue about the styling bar.
  4. thanks for the info...the chirp/squeal goes away when clutch is pressed?????
  5. Is it like a whistle?
  6. Noises that change with clutch pedal engagement make me wonder about the throw out bearing. You need a mechanic's stethoscope to help figure if it is an accessory, belt or pulley. A really long screwdriver can be used with care.
  7. Chirping that goes away when you touch or push in the clutch pedal is almost always the throwout bearing.
  8. the guy I purchased the car from said he had a new throw out bearing installed.....I plan on pulling the engine and tranny this winter and replace all gaskets and maybe I will do the clutch at the same time
  9. First thing I would do after you figure out your chirping problem is full length sub frame connecters. Weld them in, or pay someone to weld them in for you. Its a vert, you will feel the difference. I could feel the difference in my coupe. I wish I would have done it first.
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  10. Agreed. If it doesn't already have them, get them.