newbie with 4 cyl.

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  1. I have a 1984 mustang turbo. Want to get some power out of it but have no clue where to start. Have read that you can run 400+ hp with mainly stock internals. So my main wonder is what parts and mods do I exactly need to do. Along with where to get the parts. Many thanks.
  2. Welcome aboard. Use the search function to find more info. You can make some real power with a 2.3 turbo. I'm sure there are a lot of guys here that can help you toward your goals.
  3. thanks for the site looks like good place to start for the intercooler, exhaust and blow-off. Next question is for 20+ pounds of boost what turbo and will i have to trick the m.a.f. Just want all info i can get cause I have been around v-8 engines growing up. was a mechanic on automotive and heavy equipment but still have no clue when it comes to pumping up a 4 cyl turbo. again thanks
  4. I think you can get close to 20 on a stock T3 turbo. Some guys run Holsets off of Dodge Cummins motors and put out up to 35PSI!
  5. I know im asking dumb questions but like it says new to 4 cyl especially with turbos but where can i find factory wiring harnesses. Along with the question thats been bouncing in my head should i talk to esslinger about a stroker kit and a head if i want 400hp out of a street car? Or go with bolt on parts want somewhat chesp but to be reliable.
  6. you can make 400 with the gead you have
  7. Check out for your cam he knows his stuff. You'll have a SD setup instead of maf. Either way at 400hp you'll probably be looking at a stand alone setup like a PIMP or mega squirt and scrapping the speed density stuff.

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  8. ive got a local guy with a 2.3 turbo. Close to 500 hp with stock ported head and i think a holset turbo
  9. You can start out with simple mods for a nice boost in power....Gillis valve (manual boost valve), 3" downpipe and full exhaust, and a better intake in front of the turbo (or at least a cone filter). Beyond that you're getting more involved, depends on how much you wanna spend.