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  1. I was wondering what the differences are between the lighting and cobra engines. I was looking at the 1/4 slips and the weights of the two and it seems almost like the cobra engine and the lighting would be pretty much the same engine with just a few tweaks for the cobra.

    If I am way off love to know, just trying to learn more about big hitters our there.
  2. Cobra: 4.6 DOHC aluminum block.

    Lightning: 5.4 SOHC iron block (I believe, not sure). Also, all Lightning blocks have forged internals, where as the Cobra's didn't get forged until 03.

    I'm no expert on the Lightnings, but I know a lot about the Cobra's. :nice:

  3. ahh ok so there is a big difference in them thanks. I can't belive they waited till 03' to go forged. That explains why people are able to make so much more pwr with them without worry more than the other cobra guys.

    I have seen more and more places poping up with turbo kit's for both older and spcialy new cobras. Are turbos becoming more popular with cobra guys or is it just that the companies are trying to make turbos a bigger seller. I love the sound of a supercharger but I love the extra pwr and ease that turbos seems to have.
  4. Turbo's have always been a popular choice....but expensive.
    Supercharging is a quick, easy way for a modest price to make good power. It's when you push the envelope that the pre 99 Cobra's pistons just can't take the extra power. I put down 514RWHP for 6 months, then detuned to 487RWHP for about 8 months. Problems were already happening and track day sent the motor south. New forged block is done and the car should be ready this Friday. New tune and mods should be good for 570RWHP.....but "cheap" went out the window long ago. :D
  5. LOL

    ok cool and with the pirces droping on turbos recently all makes sense. We own an SRT-4 but love stangs and know a lot of guys with them and most of them do not know a whole lot about there cars I seem to know more thn they do and that aint much LOL

    Love to learn more about stangs cause then can answer questions others have and make myself seem even smarter, thank goodness for the internet and these forums :-D

    The SRT has the same prob(even though almost all forged internalls) the pistons let go before anything else. Course as long as the tune is spot on people are able to get and maintin 500+ whp out of them.

    What you aiming for for your cars finaly goal?
    Looking for peak HP,trap time, trap speed?
  6. Bzzzzt...

    03-04 Cobra's have iron blocks also...

    And the only internals the lightning has forged are the crank and pistons, no forged rods like the cobra has...